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//Shock Poll: Alien 47% Predator 53%

Alien: Parasite, #Occupy the Planet

Predator: Hunting Enthusiast, Pro-2nd Amendment

August 18, 2014

This Alien brute has a tendency to Occupy Outer Space, and will wreak unbelievable havoc and destruction where ever it goes.

Good luck taking a break from the pre-election grappling that has us all brain-numbed and burned-out. The holidays only bring a greater sense of urgency to the battle between dark and light, evil and good, Liberal and Conservative. And the time has come for Americans to make up their squishy minds and back the best candidate in this perpetual bid for the supremacy of the Earth. Who will it be; Alien or Predator?


The vetting process of a lethal organism from an inscrutable hell hole in a far galaxy is imperfect at best, but let’s give it a try!



  • The Alien race is matriarchal with a queen as its head who, in the total absence of a biological father, breeds offspring in huge, dank incubation sites, which are the Alien version of overcrowded daycare centers. Once the Aliens colonizes a planet they are very difficult to exterminate. These deadly brutes have a tendency to Occupy Outer Space, and will wreak unbelievable havoc and destruction where ever they go.
  • The life cycle of the Alien organism involves a period during which it requires a host to incubate its parasitic offspring.  The Alien overtakes, and forcibly lays its egg in the stomach of the host. The offspring feeds off the very life of the host, sucking up everything for itself. At the end of the process, the Alien offspring bursts out of the still-living host. After using the resources of the host, absorbing everything  for its own sustenance, the Alien then kills the very thing that has given of itself to support the parasite.
  • The Alien is an unpleasant, ill-formed creature, largely unchanged for eons. It eschews technology and relies on primitive and animistic approaches in battling its enemies. It lives in filthy, sprawling colonies, and Alien is small-brained and reactive, skulking about in the shadows and waiting for its unsuspecting prey to walk by.
  • Alien has a seemingly endless mouth, with row after row of razor-sharp teeth, and flesh piercing retractable jaws which are fearsome and hideous. A human example of this feature would be Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is purportedly from another far off galaxy as well.
Looking at the features of Alien, it becomes clear that it is the Liberal candidate for Supreme Life Form of the Universe.


  • Predator is a hunter, an organism that uses technology to give itself the edge over its prey. It is skilled in feats of survival and does not depend on others.
  • Predator is an expert with weapons, probably a member of the NRA, and enjoys a masterful command of the art of war.
  • Predator plans ahead, can predict the actions of its prey and/or its enemies, and understands which approaches work and which fail.
  • Predator is self-reliant. It is not parasitic, and when hunting and killing, it is systematic and swift. Predator does not occupy planets which belong to other races, and it leaves quickly after cleaning up its mess.
  • Predator is physically fit, has gnarly dreadlocks and a badarse bod.
When establishing the strengths and “wow factor” of Predator, it is clear that he is the Conservative candidate for Supreme Life Form of the Universe.

By Marjorie Haun 8/18/14


  • Eric Wardowski says:

    Love your article! I can only hope for, as you say, the end of the liberalism.

  • Rob Roseman says:

    Hopefully it will be the end of Liberalism….We better hope so or we are in trouble.
    I guess the 53 are the 53% who voted for the anti-christ Obama.

  • TheRightMonkey says:

    Fantastic article!

  • Awesome news it is really. My teacher has been looking for this information.

  • charles says:

    Great analogy, for suprise/fear factor I prefered Alien! for action it was Predator!
    The real reason the Myan calandar ends in 2012 is because the Priests couldn’t find a bigger rock to write on and had to stop somewhere !

    • ReaganGirl says:

      Thanks Charles! I like your theory about the Mayan calendar. My theory is that they knew that Dick Clark would die this year and so that there would be no one to ring in the next year.

  • charles says:

    As far as the end of Liberals , thats wishful thinking there will always be politicians to fill that niche as long as there are Useful idiots and gimmy people . The pendulum may swing to the right a little maby alot (I doubt it) The stage is set with all the global players with alot at stake to not allow that to happen ! So for now we are offered RINOmney. Don’t expect any change in direction , only probably at a slower pace! Right now our fate is pretty much linked to what happens to Europe and what the World Money Changers want !

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