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Obama Fail»Sex»Women's Interests | | 23. September, 2012

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Re-posted September 22,2102

Truly, if the mainstream media, and the oldy, moldy NOW-style feminists were intellectually honest, they would just tell me to go and die because my pro-life, pro-accountability positions make me unworthy to process oxygen through my unworthy, troglodyte brain. Oh, yeah, they DID tell me to go die, lots of times.

I’ve been called a lot of things.  But one of  the most amusing things I’ve ever been called is a “woman-hater.” I usually get called a woman-hater because I am pro-life, and I actually believe that women, not unlike men, should be responsible for their own behavior.  If being pro-life and pro-accountability makes me a woman-hater, why doesn’t it make me a man-hater as well? I’ve never figured that one out.  Truly, if the mainstream media, and the oldy, moldy NOW-style feminists were intellectually honest, they would just tell me to go and die because my pro-life, pro-accountability positions make me unworthy to process oxygen through my unworthy, troglodyte brain.  Oh, yeah, they DID tell me to go die, lots of times.

You know what makes the label “woman-hater” really funny, is the fact that…shhh…I am a woman. Don’t tell anybody, but I was born a baby girl and I grew up a woman.  I even have all the natural parts a woman should have. I also have children, two of which are women; gorgeous smart, independent, curious, ethical women. I guess I hate them too, because, after all, I am pro-life and I think people should be responsible for their own behavior.

The simple, intellectually honest key to all of this is that any pro-life, religiously oriented, accountability-minded individual is going to be branded a “woman-hater” by the Left.  It is the limbic reaction of  Leftists to call Conservatives “women-haters.” Like a sneeze, they just can’t stop the accusation from coming out.  However, there are many genuine woman haters in the world, and they’re often defended, if not outright advocated, by the Left in America.

The first group is that which promotes promiscuity and claims that women should be able to have sex with whomever, however, whenever, and wherever they want without consequences.  This group destroys women under the guise of “choice,” and “reproductive rights.”  The truth is, sex is not free and women pay the heaviest price of all for promiscuity and a rampantly hyper-sexual culture. Women are happiest and most successful through all stages of life when they are given the stability, structure, and the clear roles that a traditional home offers.

It is well-known that the Main Stream Media shield their darling liberal politicians from the consequences of women-hating.  Let’s take a look at some recent accusations from Leftist women in the Obama Administration:
  • Obama Administration communications director, Anita Dunn says of the White House: “It fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”
  • Christina Romer who served as an Obama economic adviser said of her White House experience: “I felt like a piece of meat.” 
  • Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick.
  • Bill Clinton flashed and sexually harassed Paula Jones.
  • Bill Clinton groped Kathleen Willey.
  • JFK boinked dozens of women behind Jackie’s back, casting them aside after using them.
Barack Obama refuses to utter the words “Islamic extremists,” “Islamic Terrorists,” “Muslim Radicals,” “Muslim Jihadists,” Radical Muslim extremists,” or any combination of words that accurately defines terrorists who practice extreme Islamic Jihad for the purpose of killing infidels, and wiping the nation of Israel from the face of the earth.  Talk about women-haters!  Daily stories of honor killings, terrorist attacks, public executions, beheadings, bombings, and now drive-by scooter Jihad, pour into the news.  But the Left, Obama, and the MSM do their best to pretend the barbaric acts of Islamic extremists are simply random events, or the acts of people who are “fighting for a cause.”  Although the majority of Muslims are peaceful, Islam gives us both Jihad terrorism and Sharia Law.  Sharia Law invokes the killing and horrific abuse of women by men, and occasionally by other women. The often ritualistic and compulsory practice of female genital mutilation is practiced in many Muslim countries wherein Sharia Law requires it. Young girls undergo a barbaric, often primitive and always painful surgical removal of all or part of their exterior genitalia. When have the MSM, Barack Obama, or any other leader on the Left denounced these institutionalized atrocities? When I hear the term woman-hater, this is what I think about:
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Georgetown promiscuous woman, Sandra Fluke, has called for a “pro-woman litmus test” when electing politicians.  I would love to ask contraceptive-challenged law student, Sandra Fluke, whether or not oldy, moldy NOW-style feminists and free-sex Leftists, Democrat POTI (plural for POTUS) and Shari Law Islamists would pass her little test.  Who do you think really hates women?

By Marjorie Haun 3/23/12



  • Great column! We need to get more of the truth out. While there are thousands of examples of liberal hate for women, one I would add (since you mentioned the Obama White House anyway) is the pay gap for women in Obama’s White House. Women are paid 18% less than men.

  • a NO hyphen American (@LoudAmerican) says:

    Those who understand and accept Biblical verses such as — Pro 25:24 – It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house. – will potentially be classified as a WOMAN HATER

  • Dave d says:

    Sharia law is truely barbaric!

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