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July 20, 2012

Is it true that TSA really stands for “Touching Someone’s Anatomy?” is on a crusade to scrape away the orange scum that floats on top of  the alphabet soup of  Governmental Organization (GO) acronyms. In a recent contest, accepted suggestions for new names to give those endearing bureaucratic nannies that have been beating us and locking us in our rooms for decades. We have whittled down the alternative titles for our favorite commie pinko governmental agencies to the top three favorites, and we need your help choosing the winners. Please print off this page, circle your final choice, and mail it to:

Eric Holder c/o U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA

  •  Always Dieting Anorexics
  •  Apes Doing Algebra
  • Asses Destroying America

Drug Enforcement Agency DEA

  • Dope Enjoyment Assembly
  • Doing Ecstasy Again
  • Doobie Enthusiasts of America

The Department of Justice DOJ

  • Deranged Old Jerks
  • Derailed Ordained Jurisprudence
  • Demonic Obscene Jesters
The Environmental Protection Agency EPA
  • Employment Prevention Agency
  • Environmentalist Pantywaists in Action
  • Exploding Polar Bear Advocates

The Federal Communications Commission FCC

  • Friggin’ Commie Cutthroats
  • Flashmobs Crushing Conversation
  • Fast Confinement for Conservatism
The Food and Drug Administration FDA
  • Feeding Dumpy Applicants
  • Frivolous Drugs for Aliens
  • Financial Disaster of  America

The Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA

  • Filthy Emaciated Migrants from Alabama
  • Failing Everyone Mostly Always
  • Feeble Entitlement Masters Amassing
The Federal Trade Commission FTC
  • Fierce Totalitarian Cabal
  • Flaming Transvestite Clubbers
  • Formerly Thriving Constitutionality

The Housing and Urban Development Agency HUD

  • Homies Using Drugs
  • Hillbilly Uprising Division
  • Housing  for Unusual Deviants
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA
  • Noble Astronauts Severely Abused
  • Nutty Alien Searching Association
  • Nasty Anarchists Seize America
The National Security Agency NSA
  • Notable Soviet Ascendancy
  • Nefarious Sedition Activity
  • Not Seriously Astute

The Occupational and Safety and Health Administration OSHA

  • Obama’s Stupid Hippie Association
  • Obstructionist Socialist Hysterics Abounding
  • Obtuse Senseless Hypocrites At work
The Small Business Administration SBA
  • Slaughtering Businesses Adroitly
  • Stopping Busy Americans
  • Shoving Bull*** Actively
The Social Security Administration SSA
  • Subtly Screwing All
  • Sorry, Stupid Adolescents
  • Should’ve Saved Already
The Transportation Security Administration TSA
  • Twisted Searcher Abuse
  • Tempting Sexual Animals
  • Touching Someone’s Anatomy

The United States Geological Survey USGS

  • Unreasonably Steep Global Spending
  • Unicorn Study Generating Swill
  • Unproductive Scientists Going to Spain

Have we left anything out?  Please send your suggestions via USPS. But in the case that GO becomes defunct on August 1, you may want to try UPS, API, or just sent it on a CP (carrier pigeon). Love, RG

By Marjorie Haun  7/20/2012


  • kenny says:

    What a excellent resource I will share this with my facebook followers and twitter…

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