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August 4, 2012

“I have get something off my chest and tell you that Harry Reid drives me absolutely nuts! This guy is a reprobate, horse’s posterior, lying, sneaky, putrid pimple on the anus of a leprous cockroach. He is a BAD MORMON! “

Okay, I’m a reasonably good Mormon. You know the kind; flawed but sincere in her efforts to do a better job of following Jesus Christ every day.  But I have get something off my chest and tell you that Harry Reid drives me absolutely nuts! This guy is a reprobate, horse’s posterior, lying, sneaky, putrid pimple on the anus of a leprous cockroach. He is a BAD MORMON! I will pull no punches in exposing the creepiest Senate Majority Leader in the history of Eternity! You will occasionally meet a naughty Mormon, a Jack Mormon, or a Mormon-in-training, but Harry Reid is so EVIL he shouldn’t be called a Mormon at all!  He is the worst of the worst.  Even the Left hates Harry Reid, but since he is their Senate Majority Weasel they tolerate his oozing arrogance.  But I’m here to defend the title “Mormon” by showing you that Harry Reid is a disgusting, rotten, nasty, sniveling, no good, bad faux-Mormon.

Let’s contrast Bad Mormon, Harry Reid with Good Mormon, Mitt Romney:

Bad Mormon, Harry Reid: 

  • Harry Reid has become rich through cheating. Reid has made his multi-millions during his tenure in the Senate by taking advantage of the unethical insider-trading practices among corrupt individuals in Congress.
  • Harry Reid wins elections via voter fraud. He defeated Sharron Angle, who was favored by likely registered voters, in the Nevada Senate race in 2010 through voter fraud carried out by SEIU operatives, bussed-in voters, and bribes to people who otherwise would not have voted.
  • Harry Reid is a liar. His high layer-cake of prevarications was iced this week by his assertion that “the word is out that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for ten years.” He refused to name a source, but with the lie-sustaining medicine of the MSM aiding him, he will probably never be held accountable for his despicable calumny.
  • Harry Reid panders to the gay marriage bloc.  Reid at one time, true to his purported faith, rejected gay marriage as a “right.” He has since buckled to the pressures of the small but vociferous gay marriage brigade and now supports the end of marriage as a being between one man and one woman.  The Mormon Church’s policy is, and always will be, that “The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan.”
  • Harry Reid is an unapologetic Socialist. He was instrumental in passing Obamacare, and he used a dubious reconciliation process to do it, undercutting the will of the American and burdening them with a tyrannical piece of legislation. Socialism and the tyranny of the centralized control of big government are anathema to Mormon doctrine.
  • Harry Reid hates Capitalism. His attacks on and lies about Mitt Romney are attacks on Capitalism and free-market entrepreneurship. Reid believes in overwhelming private businesses with government regulation, confiscation and redistribution of wealth, and the Fascistic model of state controlled means of production.
  • Harry Reid hates the Military and a strong defense of the American Way of life. During the Bush years he was responsible for reckless and demoralizing commentary about the Military. He supports further cuts to the defense budget while he pushing to grow the entitlement programs that are exploding the Federal debt.
  • Harry Reid is corrupt through and through, has the inflated self-image of a bully, and smells like day-old cabbage soup.

Good Mormon, Mitt Romney: 

  • Mitt Romney made his fortune on his own. His parents helped him through college and financed his Mormon mission. He received a substantial inheritance from his father, Governor and presidential candidate George Romney, but gave that inheritance to charity.
  • Mitt Romney gives a substantial portion of his personal wealth to charity.  He donated his salary from the 2002 Olympics to charitable organizations, and as Governor of Massachusetts refused a salary, and instead asked that the money go towards paying off the state’s deficit.
  • Mitt Romney won his election in Massachusetts fair and square. As a Republican he was elected to the bluest of blue states with 49% of the vote. He did not bribe voters with cash or food, he did not enlist union thugs to show up at the polls, and he improved the economy of Massachusetts in four years.
  • Mitt Romney is an unapologetic Capitalist. He is the embodiment of Capitalist success, and we all need to remember that “Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.”
  • Mitt Romney loves America. It is a tenet of the Church of Jesus Christ that men are endowed by God with moral agency, and that America as established by the Founding Fathers, became the revolutionary nation where people would control the government; the opposite of the monarchies, dictatorships, and proto-democracies that failed anciently because they lacked the substrate of individual rights.  Mitt’s love of America is a Mormon thing. It is also the testimony of a man who understands how freedom and Capitalism bless the lives of all humans. It is also from the heart of a man who cherishes traditional American values, like family, hard work, and religious observance.
  • Mitt Romney supports a strong defense.  He is committed to increasing the defense budget and stopping the sequestration process. He is committed to increasing financial, medical, and other kinds of support to our active duty Military as well as veterans.  Mitt believes that government at all levels should accommodate the right of every serviceman, whether at home or abroad, to vote.
  • Mitt Romney has a record of turning business disasters into successes.  The 2002 Olympics were on track to become a national embarrassment and an international scandal. Mitt moved in, cleaned house, and flipped that debacle to make it one of the most successful, efficient, and cooperative Olympics of the last century.  His career at Bain Capital turned 80% of the businesses with which they intervened, from money holes into profitable and healthy ventures.
  • Mitt Romney is easy on the eyes. Any questions?

So, in conclusion, it would be a pleasant happenstance to find Mitt Romney and his sweet wife in the pew next to me at church. Well, not exactly next to me, maybe 2 or three layers of Secret Service agents away from me. Nonetheless, Mitt fits. He’s a good guy who lives a Christian life, and just as Paul Begala said, he’s  “a man of impeccable moral character.”

Harry Reid however…ummm…I might have a problem editing my comments to him should I see his sorry sagging arse at church. Not that I would hurt him or anything…well, I might rough him up just a little… but most importantly, I would just remind him that as a Mormon, he sucks.

By Marjorie Haun  8/4/2012


  • Melissa says:

    And I have it in good authority he sucks horse cock too! Just can’t hate my sorce!

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