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October 2, 2012 

Islamic extremists may torch the Middle East in spasms of anger and hate. They may brutally oppress their own people. They may infiltrate the State Department and the American Conservative Union, but they will NEVER, EVER tear the bacon out of the hands of Americans who love the smoky, juicy, wavy deliciousness of thinly sliced pork bellies.  Who is willing to fight and die before they allow Muslim fanatics to take away our bacon? I am. Are you?






 By Marjorie Haun 10/2/12



On sale now at and Barnes and, Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship: Book One in the children’s series, Heroes of the Vietnam War.  Buy this amazing, one of a kind piece of children’s literature today.


  • William Dammer says:

    I actually like my bacon thick and crispy. Just writing that makes me hungry. I actually prefer sausage though, so make my line a linked brown one, OK?

  • Damian Nash says:

    The thin, pink line. This is so hilarious!! :)

    Marjorie, I think you have finally found a line that separates us, one that I will not cross. I won’t eat anything smarter than my wonderful dogs (and especially not if it is condemned to a life of prison and brutality just so that I can enjoy it). Since I was a child I have always wondered why Leviticus 11:-8 and Deuteronomy 14:8 make it clear that the Jewish/Muslim/Christian God specifically forbids us from eating pigs.

    For many years I told myself that it was because of trichinosis, and God didn’t want us getting sick by eating meat that was notoriously infested with parasites. Now I believe it is because we need to develop a reverence for all living things. As you know, my wife is a vegetarian and I am not, simply because I don’t believe premature death is a bad thing, from God’s point of view. But there are clearly spectra of intelligence, emotional abilities and self-awareness in the non-human world. Any comparative neurophysiology textbook makes that clear. Pigs are high on the scale of human-like qualities, not quite up there with the dolphins, but well above dogs, cats and horses. We all draw the line somewhere with what we will and won’t eat. I draw it at my dogs.

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