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Eggs Over Easy: Marijuana and the Teen Brain

One neuropsychological effect of regular marijuana use is a significant loss in IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38, whereas non-users have no significant drop in IQ over their lifetime.

Doctors Losing Right to Free Speech: The Ban on “Gay to Straight” Therapy

Children are the most likely individuals to be beset with confusion about their sexual identity. The years prior to adulthood are also the best time to help a confused child navigate that confusion, and with proper models and guidance, connect with the true identity that will ensure they have the best shot at lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Pot is Not Like Alcohol, and This is Why

The essential consideration that disqualifies cannabis as the moral equivalent of alcohol is human tradition, especially Western tradition. Alcohol is found everywhere and virtually every culture has a set of traditions which dictate its use.

Old Sarge: Leftist Lunacy and “Koch Brothers Derangement Syndrome”

The Obama cult persists, even though our economy, foreign policy, and culture are in a shambles. If a Republican president had these same economic, political, and cultural parameters, the libs would be calling for his impeachment, and rightfully so.

Old Sarge on Bovine Consensual Sex and Religious Liberty

An obviously astute caller asked Rush if he thought PETA would get there first to ascertain if it was consensual sex on the part of the cow, or if the Left would defend it as just another alternative lifestyle choice.

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Children as Pawns in the “Transgender” Rights Movement

It is fast becoming a social norm to believe that gender is a self-identified characteristic. Again, this is outrageous, without basis nor precedent, and the imposition of such a fallacy on the lives of young children by politicians and parents who have a “tolerance” agenda, will ultimately prove ruinous to youngsters as well as the greater society.

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10 Commandments for Good Little Liberals

Thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor inasmuch as it be profitable unto thee. Thou shalt slander thine opponent if it be profitable unto thee. Thou shalt lie, fabricate, concoct, and pull out of thy butt all manner of false witnesses against those who oppose thy words, or point out that thou art in error.

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Giving Tree and Rainbow Fish go to Therapy with Dr. Little Red Hen

When I was a cute little chick I had a lot of hopes and dreams. The other animals in the barnyard were important to me and so I tried to include them in those hopes and dreams. You know I love to bugaaawwwk! I mean bake. My dream was to have an endless supply of flour to bake beautiful bread and cakes and cookies.

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Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery: The Optional Commandment?

Sex before marriage is expected by a majority of available singles–if marriage comes up at all, and sexual parings involve more prevention of passing on venereal diseases than they do of the spiritual and emotional preparation for a lifelong commitment.

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The Negative Effects of Early Childhood Sex Education

When shocking and frightening trends overflow the Juvenile Justice system and pop up on progressive campuses, Liberalism, which embraces nebulous theories of human nature and behavior yet rejects the tried and true absolutes of Judeo-Christian doctrines, is simply reaping what it has sown.

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