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Christmas Charity–Giving Until it Hurts

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To give or not to give, that is the question. If “to give” is the answer, then what should I give, how should I give it, and will it really benefit the recipients?

10 Old-fashioned Desserts We Should Bring Back into Vogue

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After all, our great-grandmothers had no supermarkets and only limited ingredients with which to bake. Many of the desserts we think of as old-fashioned are as much a comfort to our memories as they are to our stomachs. Here are 10 old-fashioned desserts we should bring back into gastronomic vogue.

Santa Claus’ Evil Twin: Santa Pork

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There you have it, kiddies, Santa Pork’s short list for Christmas giving. Don’t waste your time looking to see if your name is on this list. It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice. If you’re an ordinary boy or girl who abides the law and pays your taxes, there is no friggin’ way Santa Pork is ever going to do something to make your life better. Merry Christmas, suckers!

Santa IS White, But does it Really Matter?

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The image of Santa Claus is merely an expression of the values imparted to children by parents. Black, pasty-white, yellow or olive, Santa Claus in all his jolly fatness is most importantly a reflection of our own morality.

Why Government and Charitable Giving don’t Mix

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The re-distribution of tax revenues by the government for the purpose of equalizing outcomes for people is not charity because it is someone else’s money and that money was confiscated, not given voluntarily. There IS a distinct and meaningful difference between charity and confiscation.

When was Jesus Really Born?

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The tradition of Christmas in December has powerful meaning, however, and in the Northern Hemisphere where cold grips the world; fog, ice, and darkness have become powerful symbols of the fate that would befall Creation if the Savior never was.


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The Star of Bethlehem, the king of all symbols, is the symbol of the King of Kings. May you keep the symbols and traditions of Christmas be in your hearts all year long, as you remember the Savior Jesus Christ and defend His Faith now and always.


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As the Star of Bethlehem was a guiding light to the Wise Men who sought the Son of God, so let us be a ray of hope and optimism to Patriots who are looking for a happier future in America, and our brothers and sisters in far countries who still yearn to be free. Hope burns bright, man will not easily become enslaved. We are still free to worship. We are still free to love our neighbors. Merry Christmas, we are still a free people.


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I am totally, yes totally, dependent upon The Lord for all that I have, and all that I want to become.


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There is a spiritual cost to those who never know the satisfaction of self-reliance or of passing the tests of adversity.

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