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High School Kids Lobby Legislators for Contraceptives

The young men and women from both rural and urban Colorado high schools came armed with talking points and statistics gleaned from a number of reproductive rights websites, and lobbied the legislator on this specific bill.

Saturday March 21st, 2015 in Abortion, Morality | No Comments »

Colorado Democrat Pushes Suicide by Doctor

Liberal Democrat Colorado Representative Joann Ginal is behind the “suicide by doctor” effort.

Tuesday November 18th, 2014 in Culture of Death, Medicine, Morality | No Comments »

The Law of Chastity: Parable of the Four Sailors at Liberty

It’s not necessary for a person to know everything about the people around them. It’s not necessary to have luck on your side. It’s not necessary to be able to read the intentions of people. For, when a person employs a set of good principles, such as personal chastity and the pursuit of wholesome recreation, he is protected from the unknown and the unintended.

Monday June 30th, 2014 in Christian Teachings, History, Morality | 1 Comment »

Why I Miss Judgmentalism and Social Stigma

Social stigma has a place in a moral society. It follows logically that activities damaging to the foundations of society should be tacitly or overtly condemned.

Wednesday May 7th, 2014 in Culture, Family, Morality | 3 Comments »

Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery: The Optional Commandment?

Sex before marriage is expected by a majority of available singles–if marriage comes up at all, and sexual parings involve more prevention of passing on venereal diseases than they do of the spiritual and emotional preparation for a lifelong commitment.

Tuesday February 11th, 2014 in Abnormal Psychology, Constitution, Morality | No Comments »

Despair and Suicide in the Age of Obama

Government in the Age of Obama has perilously diminished the importance of the individual, his rights to life and property, and his moral responsibility to himself and the civil society of which he is a part

Wednesday February 5th, 2014 in Abnormal Psychology, Culture, Morality | No Comments »

Will America Survive the Age of Obama?

Most would agree as well that America is navigating the most perilous arc in that predictable cycle of glory and destruction that has claimed in some measure every significant society the world has ever known.

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 in 2nd Amendment, Constitution, Morality | 3 Comments »

Union-backed Group Appeals to Worst Instincts of Youth in Western States

The original Portland-based group created the “Vote, F*cker” campaign to send a message that casting ballots isn’t solely for the elderly.

Friday December 13th, 2013 in Colorado Politics, Morality, Unions | No Comments »


Half the people in the country voted a man into the office of the Presidency for a second term who is the most unqualified, do-nothing individual to ever hold the office.

Saturday June 1st, 2013 in Culture, Family, Morality | No Comments »

Family Jewels to Junk

Any reference to human genitals carries with it a hint of ribald humor, but “family jewels” once denoted something also of value, to be protected and kept from harm. The modern reference of “junk” unfortunately mirrors a societal cheapening of human sexuality which is regarded as something of fleeting purpose and dubious worth, and in the end, irreverently squalid.

Saturday May 11th, 2013 in Abnormal Psychology, Modesty, Morality, Sex | No Comments »
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