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High School Kids Lobby Legislators for Contraceptives
| 21. March, 2015

March 21, 2015

High schoolers sent to lobby for ‘IUD bill’ in Colorado

By   /   March 12, 2015

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HIGH SCHOOL LOBBYING 101: A group called “Colorado Youth Matter” sent high school students to Denver to lobby for the ‘IUD bill’ to continue funding low cost or free birth control.


By Jackie Moreau | Watchdog Arena

Ordinarily, when student groups visit their state Capitol, they do so to learn more about the political process. In Colorado, however, high school students with a nonprofit called “Colorado Youth Matter” were busy visiting their legislators the day before the vote on a bill that would continue a grant for free methods of birth control.

Implemented in 2008 with a multi-year grant requiring no appropriation from the state of Colorado, the Long-acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) program makes intrauterine devices (IUD) and hormonal implant contraceptives available at low or no cost to women between the ages of 15 and 24 throughout the state, targeting communities with high poverty rates. The grant that funds the LARC program, administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, is due to sunset in June of this year. Those advocating for continuing the LARC program have worked with legislators to create House Bill 15-1194, also known as the “IUD Bill,” requiring a new appropriation of $5 million per year from the general fund.

Logo from Colorado Youth Matter website

Colorado Youth Matter

Colorado Youth Matter, funded in-part by the state of Colorado, receives 16 percent of its monies through the Colorado Department of Human Services. The federal Personal Responsibility and Education Program (PREP) operates under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Act, and allots public health dollars to be given to programs aiming to decrease rates of teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted disease, and related instances of school dropout.  Colorado Youth Matter, which coordinates closely with other family planning and pro-choice advocates, is one such program.

Colorado Youth Matter scheduled their “Capitol Action Day” on March 9, in anticipation of the vote on HB 15-1194 that was originally scheduled for March 10. Youth Matter coordinator Taylor Stein made appointments for high school students to meet with legislators on both sides of the aisle.

One legislator indicated that the meeting with Colorado Youth Matter high school students consisted primarily of advocacy for the IUD bill.  According to the legislator’s account, the students opened by asking for support for the LARC program and remained largely focused on the bill and related issues. The young men and women from both rural and urban Colorado high schools came armed with talking points and statistics gleaned from a number of reproductive rights websites, and lobbied the legislator on this specific bill.

The stated mission of Colorado Youth Matters is “WISE,” an acronym for “Working to Institutionalize Sex-education,” and it has branches in several Colorado school districts.  The group finds interested participants through their Teen Outreach Program(TOP), and the CREATE, a national voter registration drive. Colorado Youth Matter offers ‘mini grants’ of $3,000-$5,000 to two or three school districts annually to implement comprehensive sex-education programs, despite the fact that, in 2013, Democrats in the Colorado Legislature passed a bill creating a new grant program tofund comprehensive sex-education programs for school districts which wanted it as part of their health curricula.

The Personal Responsibility Education Program, under which Colorado Youth Matter functions, awards grants to organizations which educate young people on abstinence and contraception, and seek to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Its title, however, denotes more learning and less activism.

To date, HB 15-1194 is waiting in the Colorado House of Representatives Appropriations Committee. If passed through that body it will then go to the Senate, which has a Republican majority.

This article was written by a contributor of Watchdog Arena, Franklin Center’s network of writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists.

Reposted with permission by  3/21/15

Colorado Democrat Pushes Suicide by Doctor
| 18. November, 2014

November 18, 2014

As originally published on  11/17/14

Colorado Bill Would Legalize Assisted Suicide After Brittany Maynard’s Death

by Sarah Zagorski

In October, terminally ill cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, became the face of the assisted suicide movement in our country. Brittany had stage IV glioblastoma multiforme, which is the most deadly form of brain cancer and was given six-months to live.

After her diagnosis, Brittany decided to move from her California home to Oregon so she could have access to lethal drugs to use to take her life. Oregon is one of five states, along with New Mexico, Montana, Washington, and Vermont that allow assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. Tragically, on November 2nd, Brittany legally ended her own life with a lethal dose of Phenobarbital.

picassistedsuicide8bNow, a lawmaker is proposing a bill to legalize assisted suicide in Colorado.

The Denver Channel Reports:

A Colorado lawmaker is proposing a bill to allow assisted suicide in our state.

The death with dignity bill is still being drafted but it already has a lot of people talking, 7NEWS Anchor Christine Chang reported.

Colorado Representative Joann Ginal is behind the effort. Over the weekend, Ginal talked with a group up in Fort Collins about the bill, which could be modeled after Oregon’s death with dignity law.

Earlier this month 29-year-old Brittany Maynard decided to take her own life in that state. The Colorado-based group ‘Compassion & Choices’ helped with Maynard’s end-of-life plan.

According to the Reporter Herald, Rep. Ginal said the reaction has been mostly positive but some people have expressed concerns. She says the bill will have protections and that only the patient can make the final decision.

However, what many don’t know about the “compassionate” group is that they advocate for the “right to die” for people who are not even terminal. On their website, they promote a practice called VSED, which instructs elderly people to stop eating and taking liquids if they want to kill themselves.

This is already happening in the Netherlands and Belgium where the mentally ill are being euthanized.

Even putting moral, religious, and ethical question aside, supporting assisted suicide has serious ramifications. This is because it goes too far and begs the question, “Where do you draw the line?” If a terminal patient can end their life, why can’t a person who is suffering from a severe handicap? And who gets to decide when it’s a patient’s time to die?

For now, in some U.S. states the prescription is available to qualifying terminally ill patients; but one might argue that clinically depressed patients should have access to the lethal pill because they simply cannot keep going.

The face of suicide by doctor; Jack Kevorkian

For now, the pill is considered “safe” because no one can force you to take it or coerce you into it; but how can the government ensure that this will actually not occur? And for now, the lethal concoction is a “choice” for patients who are sick and want to end their life. Simply put, there are not enough ways to safeguard against abuse of this practice and it completely goes against the medical profession which vows to “do no harm.”

Ultimately, “Death with Dignity” is a step toward an ugly future, which includes killing unwilling victims because it is a “kind and merciful” act. It includes patients who are suffering with mental illness killing themselves with the help of doctors; and it includes the handicapped, elderly and sick being taken advantage of by others who wish for their demise.

In Oregon, depressed people have died by assisted suicide, and patients, who were denied medical treatment, were steered to assisted suicide by the state health plan. Oregon resident Jeanette Hall, who was terminally ill and wanted assisted suicide, is alive today because her doctor convinced her to try medical treatment.

ACTION: To help stop the legalization of assisted suicide in Colorado, contact Colorado Citizens for Life at

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The Law of Chastity: Parable of the Four Sailors at Liberty
| 30. June, 2014

June 30, 2014

It’s not necessary for a person to know everything about the people around him. It’s not necessary to have luck on your side. It’s not necessary to be able to read the intentions of people. For, when a person employs a set of good principles, such as personal chastity and the pursuit of wholesome recreation, he is protected from the unknown and the unintended.


Once Upon a Time in the Pacific Theater there were four sailors. These young men had been out to sea for months and were relieved and excited to find that they would be docking at a beautiful and exotic, though somewhat infamous, port the next day. They would have 24 hours of shore leave to relax and become acquainted with the residents of this alluring locale. The four sailor were:

Brains Bailey, who prided himself on worldly knowledge,

Lucky Lewis, who always seemed to have good luck on his side,

Slick Sullivan, who had a way of getting information–and other things he wanted–from anyone,


Goody Gibson, so named because the other sailors mocked him for his kind demeanor and moral character.

When the vessel docked, the captain of the ship gave his men the perfunctory, “Shore Leave Lecture,” warning the men not to play certain games with the natives on shore. “Men,” said the captain, “those tempting women in this port city will rob you of your wealth and your health. Don’t risk either on a brief evening of fun.”

The seasoned captain knew that his words would go unheeded by many, however, the men had their rights, and now had their 24 hour liberty to do as they pleased while the ship was in port.

The four friends, Brains, Lucky, Slick and Goody, gathered a few items, some cash, and  prepared to disembark.

Brains, the most assertive of the group said to his friends, “Well boys, what did you think of the Cap’s little talk? He thinks he knows everything! Well, I’ve studied about this place. I read in a book that the women are beautiful, and very virtuous. I betcha they’ve been saving themselves for a guy just like me!”

Lucky replied, “I’m not worried, not worried at all! Even if there are one or two women who have a gift I’d rather not open, I am certain I won’t meet em. My luck has always protected me. I’m gonna find a gal who has never played before, and I’m gonna teach her all about what it means to get Lucky!”

Slick interjected, “Big deal! Brains reads books, Lucky thinks he can always escape the bad stuff because he’s a fortunate guy, but I got somethin’ better. I can read people. I can look a girl in the eyes and see her soul. Once I read a woman, all I have to do is ask a couple questions, butter ‘er up real sweet like. If she’s damaged goods, I’m outta there. If she tells me what I wanna hear, I’m all in.”

Goody listened skeptically and in his quiet manner, turned up the corner of his mouth in a subtle smirk. Though he loved his buddies, he had little faith in their ingenious plans to get away with defying the captain’s warning.

“Yo Goody,” called out Brains, “whatcha gonna do for the next 24 hours, find an orphanage and help the nuns change diapers?” The three men howled with laughter, but Goody just smiled politely and nodded his head as if to say, “maybe.”

Once ashore, the men found a restaurant and ate a delicious and exotic meal, then they dispersed. Brains, Lucky and Slick headed to the bustling, mysterious avenues of ill-repute. Goody, on the other hand, found a theater and laughed through a movie whose subtitles made no sense. He found strange and fascinating artifacts in a museum. And along his way he passed an orphanage with children playing in the courtyard where he handed out some sticks of gum until his gum was all gone. At the end of the liberty, the exhausted men returned to the ship.

Two weeks later Goody was called into meet with the captain. He wondered timidly if he had done something wrong during his liberty in the exotic port city. “Petty Officer Gibson, please have a seat,” directed the captain. “I’m concerned that you may need medical attention and you’re too embarrassed to visit the infirmary.”

“No Sir,” said Goody, “I feel fine. Why would you think I need to see the doc?”

“Well,” said the captain, shifting in his chair, “your friends, the three other sailors, Bailey, Lewis and Sullivan, have been getting treatments from the doc for some, uh, problems they picked up on shore.”

“Oh.” said Goody.

“It’s quite serious, Gibson. Bailey and Lewis picked up a disease that could affect their future families, if you know what I mean. Sullivan is getting some shots as well, but even more seriously, he was mugged and hit on the head by the girl…well…the prostitute he visited on shore.”

“Captain, I didn’t know. Brains, Lucky and Slick were mum.” said Goody, concerned.

“Are you all right son?” said the captain.

“Oh yes, Sir, I’m fine. I went to a movie and a museum and visited some kids at an orphanage while ashore. But thanks for thinking about me.” said Goody.

“I can understand why your buddies would be mum, seeing that you had a good time without bringing any extra baggage back to the ship with you, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, Sir, I know what you mean.” said Goody.

“Thank you , son. I appreciate that at least one young man took my “Shore Leave Lecture” to heart. It will save you a world of hurt in the long run.”

And thus goes the parable of the Four Sailors at Liberty.

It’s not necessary for a person to know everything about the people around them. It’s not necessary to have luck on your side. It’s not necessary to be able to read the intentions of people. For, when a person employs a set of good principles, such as personal chastity and the pursuit of wholesome recreation, he is protected from the unknown and the unintended. High standards of personal conduct, and living by moral principles every day, is the best protection from the woes of a diseased and deceptive world.

by Marjorie Haun  6/30/14 

Why I Miss Judgmentalism and Social Stigma
| 7. May, 2014

May 7, 2014

Social stigma has a place in a moral society. It follows logically that activities damaging to the foundations of society should be tacitly or overtly condemned.

grumpy America was better off when bad behavior bore a social stigma. The once frowned-upon became understood, then tolerated, and finally, embraced. As a result, our culture is dying because raunchy acts and evil people are now protected by the assumption that to stigmatize an immoral act is more disgraceful than the act itself.

Social stigma is neither bigotry nor prejudice. Bigotry is defined as the stubborn intolerance of beliefs or opinions that differ from one’s own. Prejudice is the condemnation of an individual based upon appearance, race, social class, or level of functioning. Social stigma is a form of collective peer pressure that discourages acts that are destructive to individuals or the community at large. Social stigma in Western cultures is usually based upon Judeo-Christian moral code which is intimately tied to both civil and religious law. The gradual banishment of bigotry and prejudice indicates enlightenment. Conversely, jettisoning social stigmatization of immoral behavior has eliminated many of the boundaries critical to healthy families and prospering civil society.

Having a career in Special Education I often find myself shielding my charges and their families against bigotry. Those with disabilities have long been victims of abuse and discrimination. But even in my lifetime, the understanding of and compassion for individuals with special needs has greatly progressed. Special Olympics has fostered a public mindfulness of the humanity of people with disabilities, with an invitation to get involved and fall in love with its courageous participants. The brain-child of Eunice Kennedy Shriver , Special Olympics has been the single most-effective weapon against disabled prejudice in America. But let’s be clear, such prejudice is not social stigma. There is a difference between rejecting an individual based upon fear and ignorance, and a common attitude that rejects immoral and harmful activities.

Out-of-wedlock pregnancy, just a few decades ago, was considered problematic at best and reprehensible at worst. “Bastard” bore a painful and insulting connotation. The social stigma attached to sexual relations before marriage, unwed mothers, and babies born without the benefit of married parents provided an effective barrier to casual sex for young men and women alike. Abortion on demand, and now secret abortion via prescription, has minimized the immediate consequences of sexual immorality. Young men easily shrug the burdens of fatherhood when young women are happy to turn to government assistance, and often, serial boyfriends to fill the voids where husbands and fathers should be. It’s obvious that children born into such dubious circumstances would be better off if social stigma effectively discouraged the sexually immoral conduct of their parents in the first place. Until people begin to feel ashamed about what they are doing to their children, impelling them to first create a marriage before they create a family, such tragedies will continue.

The first rule of correcting errant human behavior is to make the consequence of an action more uncomfortable by degree than the benefit that comes from the behavior. Women should be made to feel pangs of reproach for having babies without husbands and burdening society with their poverty. Young men who are hooking up and making babies should be made to feel remorse for the women they harm, the babies they leave behind, and themselves as they abdicate their identities as providers, protectors, and fathers. Social stigma should provide both a deterrent to and an uncomfortable consequence of reckless conduct.  Such stigma should be reflected in a complete reversal of welfare and tax policies which currently reward women who have babies outside of marriage and which punishes couples who marry.

There was once a profound social stigma in this country associated with Communism. But with Marxist philosophies dominating many of our institutions, including the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, that too has given way to tolerance and embracing. Sexual immorality, perversity, extremist doctrines and Communism are not separate issues, however. They are intimately connected, and as they have been advanced in our society through Leftist policy, the social stigma which once fortified Western Civilization against such dangerous movements became a thing of the past.

The mere mention of pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, and other forms of perversion was once sufficient to shock ordinary people. These perversions have been justified in a variety of ways–usually as consensual acts between loving individuals, or “victimless crimes.” The truth is, all are profoundly immoral, destructive to the spiritual health of society, and roundly condemned by God. But incrementally such things have lost their negative connotations, and become de-stigmatized. First, sodomy was declared legal where once it was considered a crime against nature and society, then it was accepted as an alternative lifestyle, and now, to many, it is the equivalent of holy matrimony.

Social stigma has a place in a moral society, but it can also promote a more healthy society. The obesity “epidemic,” a touchy subject for many, is a 21st Century phenomenon. Everyone knows that obesity is co-morbid with diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, arthritis, etc. But advocates of “fat acceptance” have convinced themselves that obesity is in the eyes of the beholders, and fat is only a problem for those who stigmatize the porky. As obesity has become more accepted and common, the general health of the population has declined, and it is predicted that this fat nation will have a median life span shorter than that of the preceding generation.

Political Correctness has removed positive cultural pressures that once nudged us into greater conscientiousness and accountability, and applied the “tsk tsks” of disapproval to open expressions of Christian faith, and individual thought contrary to its narrow definitions of “tolerance.” Overturning damaging social trends requires that we name that which is bad, destructive, and evil. Social stigma is one tool with with which those things can be defined and discouraged.

by Marjorie Haun  5/7/14

Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery: The Optional Commandment?
| 11. February, 2014

February 11, 2014

White weddings used to represent moral purity, but now virginity is considered to be the unfortunate state of a sexually deficient single.


This is an actual conversation that took place in my home.

Daughter of ReaganGirl: Guess what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby.

ReaganGirl: Who are they?

DR: I can’t believe you know don’t know who Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are.

RG: Well, I don’t watch much TV.

DR: So they named their kid…

RG: Kimye?

DR: No, “North.” Get it, “North West?”

RG: Why didn’t they name it “Wild?”

DR: Yeah, “Wyld,” with a ‘Y.’

RG: Wyld West would have been catchier.

DR: I don’t know why Kanye likes Kim Kardashian, she’s such a tramp, and he’s so talented.

RG: So, did they get married before they made this “North West” baby?

DR: Of course not. Nobody gets married these days. They just have a baby and go on to the next victim.

This mother-daughter summarizes the well from which all our cultural and economic woes spring; sexual immorality, fornication, and the trivialization of traditional marriage.

White weddings used to represent moral purity, but now virginity is considered to be the unfortunate state of a sexually deficient single. The symbolic white of weddings has lost its power, as the wedding night has lost its significance. Fornication is commonplace among available singles and more attention is paid to “safe sex” than to spiritual and emotional preparation for a lifelong commitment.

But the commandments of God have not changed and white weddings for couples who ignore the godly Law of Chastity are a mockery.

Moral chastity is the attitude that sexual love and procreation are sacred, our most direct connections to God. Sex is the key to our creatorship. Sexuality is the force behind our individuality, and the source of our creativity in all realms of thought and application. But to misuse our sexuality, to debase our most creative and godlike aspects , leads to damaging behaviors and personal human misery. The Commandment, “Thou shalt commit adultery or anything like unto it,” was not instituted to restrain human enjoyment, but to unleash their potential for joy and the highest aspirations of human existence.

These values are Judeo-Christian values. Most Conservatives of the Reagan ilk of social/fiscal conservatism preach these values. But I’m astounded by how many great Conservatives fail to live them. It is a form of hypocrisy when those Conservatives who espouse personal morality choose to overlook the Seventh Commandment.  How is it that the central value of social conservatism is optional to those whose identify themselves as socially conservative? 

The words “Under God” were added to the Pledge of Allegiance by an act of Congress in 1954 after the Knights of Columbus campaigned to include a tribute to the Creator, as spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.  This was an inspired act. God, one could say, was taken for granted in American culture until this time.  But the 1950’s were the last years during which the cultural tide flowed in the direction of God and morality.  The ensuing decades brought about the “sexual revolution,” the legalization of abortion, sex education in schools, and the diminished roles of God and religion in private and public life.  Those who believe that marriage and traditional values matter, find themselves swimming against an increasingly hostile current.

The role of God has shrunk in American life as the government has grown. As God has taken a back seat to secularism and relativistic political values, individual liberty and the very consequence of human life have been diminished to the point where government has become arbiter of who is free and who is in bondage to the state; who lives and who dies.

If Conservatives and Conservatism–the memory and popularity of Ronald Reagan serving to symbolize the movement to restore America as a cultural and economic force for good–are key to taking our government out of the hands of tyrants, and restoring it to a government of the people, then Conservatives must become the moral people of whom our Founders spoke. John Adams wrote:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The Constitution is voided when We the People lose our moral standing with God. Too many who call themselves “socially conservative” fail to meet the requirements of self-regulation, personal virtue, and observance of the Laws of God.

I’ve been single for many years. I am celibate, and find no shame in that. My sexuality is the best, the most precious gift I have to offer as a Daughter of God. The Law of Chastity is a protection from a generation of ills, from epidemics of sexually-transmitted diseases, to dysfunctional views on the roles of men and women, and warped, self-centered notions about dating. When I preach Reagan Conservatism, I am living it as well. I try to keep avoid the terrible cost of selling my moral birthright to for a mess of hypocrisy.

by Marjorie Haun  2/11/14

Despair and Suicide in the Age of Obama
| 5. February, 2014

February 5, 2014

Mental and emotional health are inseparable from a strong sense of identity and self-worth. Many factors can bring an individual to the point of hopelessness, but one cannot ignore the compounding effects of a godless culture and a government determined to destroy the achievement and wealth of its citizens.


The United States is always in crisis mode these days. These ongoing crises, it seems, can be traced, directly or indirectly, to the activities of government. America’s spiritual crisis is no different. In spite of the personal nature of the crisis of spirit that threatens our families, communities, and our national identity, its roots are the same Progressive ideology that has forced our economy into a tailspin.

The concept of limited government, as expressed in the Founding Documents, is one which promotes the individual, his life, liberty, and right to own property above all other considerations. Government in the Age of Obama has perilously diminished the importance of the individual, his rights to life and property, and his moral responsibility to himself and the civil society of which he is a part.  As the value of the definite and distinct individual life dwindles, the indefinite and amorphous collective is exalted. And when this occurs, the life, liberty, and property if the individual may be confiscated, distributed, or eliminated according to the needs of the collective, with violence if necessary.

Obama’s progressive ideology and the policies which extend from it are antithetical to the principles of our Founding. Progressivism opposes God, diminishes the individual, punishes achievement, crushes incentive, and ultimately destroys hope. These forces, along with an increasingly depraved and godless culture, lie at the roots of despair and suicide in the Age of Obama.

What is the relationship between Obama’s big government policies and the conditions that lead to increased suicide rates?


  • Obama’s push for bigger government has lead to more regulations, higher taxes and other forms of interference that have hobbled the economy. Unemployment, despite the safety nets now in place, diminishes an individual’s sense of worth and purpose and will almost always lead to depression in people who once provided for themselves. The specters of joblessness, unemployment benefits running out, and a poor economic outlook compromise the ‘personal fiscal cliff’ that leads some to consider suicide. Many studies correlate recession and unemployment with increased suicide rates.


  • Obama’s Leftist/Progressive ideology is threatened by traditional religious norms regarding marriage and the rearing of families. Marriage and the nuclear family are the institutions that actualize individual achievement, expression, and loving relationships between God and people more effectively than any other earthly conception. Big government needs disaffected and dependent people to justify its existence. So, whether intended or not, leftist policies and the overreaching of government weaken families. Men have no incentive to marry and become providers for their families. And the welfare state indulges one-parent households with government subsidies that reward those who bear children outside of marriage. 
  • Men are especially hard-hit by divorce and breakups. The biological and spiritual identity of men is intimately linked to their role as providers, protectors, and leaders of a family. The dissimulation of families as well as the disaffection that comes with multiple “baby-daddies and baby-mommies” is devastating to the human identity and are factors in increased rates of suicide.


  • It’s conventional wisdom that drugs and/or alcohol are often a form of self-medication and that the initial ‘numbing’ effect experienced by a user will turn into addiction with continued use. But why do people–and most users begin when they’re in their teens–have the need to address such sever psychological pain? What is the source of the kind of pain that drives people to harm their bodies and break the law? The estrangement suffered by children who experience divorce, fractured families, the confusion of having two or more homes, and constant shuffling and uncertainty can bring on despair.
  • When God and prayer were kicked out of the public school system, the best protection of childhood innocence went with them. Children are now taught that perfect conformity to the culture/state is life’s highest purpose. They are taught that they live in a country with an unjust and oppressive history, and that they are to be ashamed of their national identity. They are exposed to a multiplicity of perversions, from having contraceptives made available by the school, to the acceptance of LGBT groups in the school, and the rejection of Judeo-Christian organizations and observances. What is there in the modern school system that teaches children hope, self-worth, and the absolute morality and boundless love of God? As schools become more secular, young people become more addicted and subject to despair


  • Sexual immorality has replaced commitment and marriage as the social norm, but its deleterious effects have not decreased with its acceptance. Children and teens who are sexualized early on are much more likely than those who wait until later in life to have sex to attempt suicide.  The pop-culture deceives the very young to accept sexually inappropriate conduct as ‘cool’ and desirable.  The progressive nanny state reinforces sexual immorality first by pretending that the Commandments of God are arcane and passe, and by fostering activities that mitigate the consequences of sexual immorality, from paying for the abortion of an unwanted baby, to paying for housing, food, education, childcare, medicine etc. for those whose lifestyles almost guarantee impoverishment.
  • Abortion may permanently traumatize the mind and/or body of a woman. Shame, guilt, isolation, and unfulfilled needs may affect the woman who, as a consequence of sexual immorality, ended the life of a baby for whom she was not ready. Depression, unmitigated grief, and suicidal thoughts often follow an abortion.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases may not always carry a death sentence, but one’s health can be affected for life. The incidence of sterility in people of child-bearing age increases. Embarrassment, social stigma, and ongoing medical issues all factor into the increased risk of suicide among singles who contract a venereal disease.


  • The American Military is now losing more warriors to suicide than to combat. Multiple deployments, post-traumatic stress, and extended time away from family may be factors in this terrible statistic. But those conditions are not exclusive to the wars of the last 12 years. Are cultural pressures coming from Progressives in the Obama Administration placing our warriors under unwarranted new stresses? Is the lack of purpose, vision, and strong leadership impacting the morale and long-term psychological well-being of Military personnel? Do our fighters feel conflicted and confused because their Commander in Chief displays contempt for the country and constitution they have sworn to defend? Have rules of engagement that compromise American safety and effectiveness and which give the edge to our enemies make the idea of combat intolerable for some who serve? 

Mesa County, Colorado–my home–suffered a record number of suicides in 2012. The number is very likely under-reported and medical examiners try to protect families by withholding details of the circumstances surrounding suicides from reporters. As of January 6, two additional suicides (one of which was an acquaintance of mine) had occurred in this semi-rural, medium-sized town. There is ordinarily an uptick in suicides following the excitement of the Holidays. But if the trend continues, my Western Colorado home will have to withstand another grim record year.

Leftist policies separate us from God. Leftist/Progressive ideology supplants with the power and authority of God with the power and authority of the state. It teaches that the state is the source wisdom and morality, and the means of physical security, and that man will be judged, not according to the Commandments of God, but by the moral Decalogue of the ‘collective good.’

Mental and emotional health are inseparable from a strong sense of identity and self-worth. Myriad factors can be identified that bring an individual to the point of utter hopelessness, but one cannot ignore the compounding effects of a godless culture and a government determined to destroy the achievement and wealth of its citizens.

by Marjorie Haun  2/5/14

Will America Survive the Age of Obama?
| 29. January, 2014

January 29, 2014

Now is a time uniquely provident, even rich, in the conditions that empower Americans and all freedom-loving people throughout the world, to veer off the arc that is coursing toward downfall.

Scholars, philosophers, and prophets of God have traced for centuries the cyclic rise and fall of civilizations.  I believe most of us would be in agreement that the United States of America is the crown jewel of Western Civilization.  Most would agree as well that America is navigating the most perilous arc in that predictable cycle of glory and destruction that has claimed in some measure every significant society the world has ever known.

The cycle, as described by Alexander Fraser Tytler (1742-1813), the Scottish professor and historian who wrote about the approximately 200 years process of emergence, corruption, decay, and implosion of all the notable civilizations of the past, always cleaves to the following sequence:

“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.”During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

  • from bondage to spiritual faith
  • from spiritual faith to great courage
  • from courage to liberty
  • from liberty to abundance
  • from abundance to complacency
  • from complacency to apathy
  • from apathy to dependence
  • from dependence back into bondage”

Scholars of world religions, Mormon theologians among them, have also developed a similar paradigm using examples from the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Book of Mormon.  The Mormon understanding of the cycle of rise and fall is often referred to as the “cycle of pride.

This cycle is similar, but the morality of the people is shown to be the determining factor, showing that “dependence” on government is a moral problem:

  • Righteousness and prosperity  (positive consequences of civility and self-reliance and keeping the commandments of God)
  • Pride and wickedness   (materialism and avarice arise from the disproportionate love of wealth and worldly comfort over the love of God, freedom, and family)
  • Destruction and suffering  (social, personal, and governmental corruption grow unchecked, families shatter, immorality is normalized, resolve weakens, and dependence on government becomes unsustainable)
  • Humility and repentance  (natural disasters, protracted wars, economic problems, personal isolation, misery and remorse draw the population that remains back to humble prayer and worship, seeking God for support)

The United States of America 2012, indeed all western countries which have attempted to implement Constitutions and civil laws that protect the rights of individuals, are in the spasms of self-destruction to one degree or another.  According to the “civil” cycle of Tytler as well as the spiritual cycle of theologians, it is clear that America is tipping on the precipice of ruination.

The seeds of American civil structure are found with the immigrants who fled Europe and chose to risk the dangers of a relatively unknown continent full of strange animals, landscapes, and even stranger people, so they may have the opportunity to move, worship, and assemble according to the dictates of their own consciences.  Jamestown eventually failed, but the Pilgrims, whose primary purpose was to create communities and build churches out from under the oppressive dictates of a monarch, put down the roots of our nation in a leap from the spiritual bondage of English rule to the absolute dependence upon and worship of God.

America has cycled through rises and falls, from the Declaration of Independence through the slaughter of the Civil War for example, with a redemptive providence that has allowed us to escape utter destruction and civil dissolution. The United States of America has averted the “cycle of pride” in the past. Will We the People be able to divert its deadly path in 2012? First we must understand what sets our nation apart from the other civilizations that failed to escape the deadly results of corruption and the rejection of God.

Anglo-Saxon law and the Magna Carta, even proto-democracies from peoples chronicled in the Bible and Book of Mormon, experimented with human liberty, but the Declaration of Independence was literally the opening chapter to an unprecedented age of human agency.  For the first time ever The People recognized themselves as the ruler of the government, actuated by Divine right and personal accountability to dictate the purposes and exertions of their own lives. For the first time, the destiny of The People was not inseparably bound to the minds, caprices, and dictates of their governing officials.

The inevitability of past cycles of destruction can be blamed on both the wicked acts and policies of the rulers of societies, as well as the inability of the population to access information–truth–that would provide them the context necessary to reason their way out of destruction.  The Founding Fathers understood that only a well-educated citizenry would be able to maintain a free nation. People needed to be able to read and to acquire knowledge through scriptures, history books, the written laws of the land, and philosophies in the forms of essays and pamphlets. The Revolutionary War was supported by a minority of colonists, but the advocates whose voices predominated the debates of the day reached the minds of those who could read and think for themselves.  Past centuries of darkness wherein all, but a tiny minority of rulers and scholars, suffered with minds that were darkened by illiteracy were over.  American liberty empowered men to own and maintain the fruits of their time and labors, and it also freed minds from ignorance and gave them the ability to plan and act in ways that were in the self-interest of the individual.

Now is a time uniquely provident, even rich, in the conditions that empower Americans and all freedom-loving people throughout the world, to veer off the arc that is now coursing toward downfall.  We have almost universal and instantaneous access to information in myriad forms because of the Technological Revolution.  The Internet has given us the ability to associate with like-minded people across the earth and to brandish a form of influence that only decades ago would have been considered god-like.  We are liberated from the constraints of a handful of media outlets who once controlled history’s daily narrative. We can dig for the real truth, and create our own narratives from the ordinary and authentic perspectives of those whose lives are most threatened by the caprices of politics and culture. We are the generation best armed to choose our own way, disengage from the sectors of the population immersed in corruption, dependency, immorality, and violence, and amass, whether physically such in rallies, or virtually through social media, to recover our future from the fate that befell civilizations that came before us.

I believe we are doing this now. The Tea Party would never have been successful without the Internet.  And the Internet would never have come to be in a world without liberty and free markets.

I propose that those individuals who choose to employ their liberty with care, remain self-reliant, worshipful, and strive to live moral lives will avoid the sad endings that came to Rome, The British Empire, and more recently the European socialist democracies. America will be a divided country. Whether the outcome will be a geographical division is hard to predict, but the moral division will be stark.  One population of free people will prosper, remembering their God, and studying their histories. This population will care for the poor, needy, ailing and elderly as a function of personal service, not of the welfare state. The other population will languish in want that cannot be filled by government, their minds darkened by ignorance and deception.  They will self-destruct because the government cannot care for them, and they will have forgotten how to care for themselves and one another.

Will the government of the United States of America look the same as it does now? NO. States will disengage, entire regions will eschew the help and the authority of the centralized power, and the people who have turned away from the path of collapse will govern themselves.  America will stand, at least for some.

by Marjorie Haun  1/29/14

Union-backed Group Appeals to Worst Instincts of Youth in Western States
| 13. December, 2013

Under the bus: Union-backed group turning America’s West blue

This article was originally published by and reposted with permission by on December 12, 2013.

By     December 10, 2013


DIRTY LAUNDRY: Forward Montana created the ‘Vote F*cker’ campaign to let young voters know that casting ballots isn’t just for the elderly.

By Dustin Hurst and Shelby Sebens  |

Examining the Portland, Ore.-based Bus Project, one could use plenty of adjectives to describe the operation’s tactics and activities: aggressive, unique and innovative.

The one descriptor that group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, wants you to believe, though, is the least-fitting: nonpartisan.

Sure, the group holds a banner that professes to soar above partisan politics. “Not left. Not right. But Forward,” preaches the site of The Bus Project’s Montana affiliate, Forward Montana.

A look under the hood reveals something far less innocuous: a hyper-partisan structure dedicated solely to turning America’s West blue.

And these buses, rolling in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Washington, are gassed up thanks to labor unions and left-wing foundations.

BUS PASS: Jefferson Smith founded the project as a way to engage younger voters.

BUS PASS: Jefferson Smith founded the project as a way to engage younger voters.

Oregon Democrat Jefferson Smith founded The Bus Project in 2001 to mobilize and register young voters, who often bypass the polls in large numbers. That’s where the innovative and unique approach came into play. The groups often use oddball tactics to persuade young voters, who tend to vote for more liberal and progressive candidates, to the polls.

The Colorado branch, New Era Coloradoproduced thisYoutube video encouraging voters in that state to cast their ballots naked. The original Portland-based group created the “Vote, F*cker” campaign to send a message that casting ballotsisn’t solely for the elderly.

The group was wildly successful, so much so that its legend crossed borders.

“Further proof of the organization’s success was the change in majority party of the Oregon House of Representatives in 2006,” wrote Democrats in Idaho, who hosted Smith at a banquet in late October.

The Idaho Democrats, though, failed to mention which party held the Oregon House after the Bus Project’s furious registration push in 2006.

It was the Democrats.

That should come as no surprise, though, considering the project’s funding and union-linked board members.

Much of the group’s funding comes from liberal foundations bent on pushing America toward a progressive utopia.

In 2010, the project received $257,000 from the Tides Foundation, a piggy bank of sorts for all things liberal. Tides gave the project another $193,000 in 2012, according to the foundation’s documents. The Tides cash made up nearly 50 percent of the group’s budget last year.

Tides also funneled $10,000 last year to Forward Montana’s 501(c)4 arm.

The Oregon Education Association, the state’s public teachers union, also picked up some of the tab for the group’s work. According to the project’s 2012 financial report, the labor union donated an undisclosed amount.

But the ties between left-wing causes and the project hardly end with money. Boards for the groups are full of Democratic and union operatives.

Three of the nine politicos who sit on the Oregon chapter’s board are affiliated with labor unions, including the Joe Baessler, the political director for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 75. Forward Montana boastsa uniquely accomplished bunch of Democratic players, including John Bacino, chief of strategy for his state’s Democratic Party. The Montana board also features two members who operative Hilltop Public Solutions, a ruthless political consulting firm with ties to dark money based in Billings.

Research did turn up one obvious connection to a politico who isn’t a union member or Democrat — former Montana state Rep. John Brueggeman. couldn’t find any other ties to Republicans or conservatives.

SHHH: Bus Project Director Tara Sulzen declined to answer questions about her group’s partisan ties.

The group isn’t interested in answering questions about its façade of nonpartisan work.

“I don’t care to comment at this time,” said Tara Sulzen, executive director of the Oregon chapter.

Calls and emails to the affiliated groups in Montana, Colorado and Washington were not returned.

Greg Leo, spokesman for the Oregon Republican Party, said his party believes the Bus Project is hardly the nonpartisan outfit the project professes to be.

“We do not perceive them as nonpartisan,” he said. “We think it’s hard for them to say that with a straight face. I mean, like, who are you kidding? It’s fair to say they areDemocrat Party-oriented and that they really are a subsidiary of the Democratic Party of Oregon.”

Leo said voter registration is integral to election victory.

“Voter registration is one of the most important things that political parties can do,” he said. “It’s really the determining factor for victory in so many seats.”

Leo’s comments, though, may have been tinged with a hint of jealousy. He suggested this his party is developing its own voter registration tactics.

“We look at the Bus Project as kind of what the folks on the other side of the aisle have done,” he said. “This is not a frivolous matter. This is a serious matter in that serious activities and money and attention needs to be directed at voter registration activities.”

Contact Dustin Hurst at

This article was originally published by and reposted with permission by on December 12, 2013.

| 1. June, 2013

 BUY NOW! “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship” and “Saving the Vietnamese Orphans,” books One and Two of  “The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Books for Children” by Marjorie Haun. These are the FIRST positive, patriotic children’s non-fiction books about the Vietnam War. Now Available online at:  Barnes and ,, and












J.A. Hunsinger is an author, historian, amateur archaeologist, agitator, and controversy magnet. is pleased to post his most recent article, “Degeneration.”

Reposted June 1, 2013

by J. A. Hunsinger

The USA is in an advanced state of disintegration and degeneration brought about by moral decay. Any public mention of God seems to be an antipathy to the Godless socialist’s hue and cry throughout the land, never mind that this country was founded on religious principles or that His Name is prominently displayed on our government buildings and throughout our founding documents.

A generation may be defined as the time between the birth of one generation and the birth of the next, generally twenty-five years. For my generation that equates to our children and their children, or about fifty years, give or take. Changes have occurred from one generation to the next since the beginning of time.

The changes that have occurred in civil society during my life–some 70+ years–are profound. I have seen the general disintegration of civility, manners, morals, honesty, integrity, an ingrained desire to be law-abiding, love of country, the work ethic that made the USA what it is, a belief in God that has forged this Republic in the crucible of fire; well, you get the idea. I could go on and on.

The USA is in an advanced state of disintegration and degeneration brought about by moral decay. Any public mention of God seems to be an antipathy to the Godless socialist’s hue and cry throughout the land, never mind that this country was founded on religious principles or that His Name is prominently displayed on our government buildings and throughout our founding documents.

Our society has become all about ME; what’s in it for ME, while we watch the very fabric of our once great social order crumble around us. We have plunged into a cesspool where homosexuals marry one another – to pass themselves off as somehow normal when they are an aberration of nature; young women abort their offspring because they don’t want to be bothered with the responsibility of rearing a new life.

Half the people in the country voted a man into the office of the Presidency for a second term who is the most unqualified, do-nothing individual to ever hold the office. He presides over an Executive branch of government administered by his fiat administration with an army of czars doing God knows what at every turn, facilitated by a corrupt Congress, and an inept Judiciary. Why was he elected: because he promised them Free Stuff? He and his minions espouse socialism, a system that has never worked in all of human history, vilifying the capitalistic system that has made this country great. Capitalism has set the US and other industrialized countries above the fray for generations, allowing them to feed and protect the less fortunate the world over. When comparing the two systems, realize that socialist countries feed and care for nobody save themselves and just barely at that. Their system of government allows for no excess, there is nothing left to help humanity. And, that is where the USA is headed, into the dark abyss of socialism.

How did all this come about in the space of 50 to 60-years? It didn’t, it actually began with that much revered socialist Abraham Lincoln. Now that the inexorable process of infiltrating our schools from beginning to end–the indoctrination process begins in kindergarten–all levels of government, and every social institution with the tenants of National Socialism is complete, the grand scheme has finally bubbled up to the attention of the myopic American people, well, some of them. The current President’s minions are working day and night to drive a stake into the heart of what remains of this Republic.

Unlike today, when I was a young man they had lots of trouble shoving the benefits of socialism down our throats. We met them on battlefields across the globe to stop the overt takeover of everything we held dear. Thanks to our socialist politicians we have not won an engagement–war is won when the enemy is mostly dead and completely defeated—since August 1945, the day that WWII ended. Since then, wars end when we cut and run or some politician says it is over; it is kind of hard to separate the two when we lose either way. But, I digress; we were talking about having socialism shoved down our throats.

What, or who, instilled in the young–boys and girls—a desire to further the cause of liberty; to conduct ones self as dictated by society; to be honest and forthright; to be the boys and girls worthy of accepting the mantle of our free society? Our parents, the foundation of our family, did that, as parents had to the best of their abilities through each preceding generation. Both parents performed a job that is missing in too much of modern society; they reared their children. Most of that fell to the mother because she was with the children more, even after they began their schooling, while the father worked to make a living for the family. With so many on welfare and other hand-out programs, that too has changed; the incentive to work for a living is gone from many of our fellow citizens.

Webster defines rear: to bring up, foster. The last word in this definition, foster, is the key: to give parental care, nurture, to promote the growth or development of, encourage. What I have observed nowadays is exactly the opposite. When did the change in the way we rear children occur? When the mother went to work outside the home. Let me repeat that because it is a key to many of our current problems: when the mother went to work outside the home. Without the mother’s iron will, children went their own way; girls became more promiscuous—don’t think so, been to a high school lately; boys growing to manhood gradually became more feminine, so they could be more in-touch with modern females, many of whom grew to expect that men were no better than they, so why not make them less manly, or girly men, as a famous California public figure appropriately referred to them. This male metamorphosis, thankfully, did not affect every male, but it has affected too many, making many of them accepting of homosexual lifestyles, without the work ethic previous generations were imbued with, a lawless behavior that they apparently think is cool, without direction or guidance and seemingly without a goal in life. What is life without goals, without dreams?

By re-electing Obama, the American people have indicated their willingness to embrace socialism. The changes this administration is making without the consent of the governed will profoundly affect every aspect of our lives, forever altering the fabric of this Republic. You asked for it folks and he will give it to you. By 2016 you will no longer recognize your own country.

VinlandPublishing, ©2012 Jerry A. Hunsinger All Rights Reserved


Family Jewels to Junk
| 11. May, 2013

 BUY NOW! “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship” and “Saving the Vietnamese Orphans,” books One and Two of  “The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Books for Children” by Marjorie Haun. These are the FIRST positive, patriotic children’s non-fiction books about the Vietnam War. Now Available online at:  Barnes and ,, and












May 11, 2013

The downward spiral from “family jewels” to “junk” is more than just a byproduct of the acceptance of the profane and the desecration of the sacred, it signals an utter disengagement from God.


I was observing a teacher as she administered a math lesson to some second graders using three-dimensional geometric shapes which she kept in a basket. One of the boys reached in the basket and grabbed some items and began to play with them. “Don’t mess with my junk!” the teacher barked in a half-kidding tone. Titters and giggles erupted from the kids seated at the table and a couple of them muttered under their breath, “she said junk!”

My own children had to educate me about “junk,” which back in my day was referred to as the “family jewels,” and in formal terms is known as “genitalia.”

Any reference to human genitals carries with it a hint of ribald humor, but “family jewels” once denoted something also of value, to be protected and kept from harm. The modern reference of “junk” unfortunately mirrors a societal cheapening of human sexuality which is now regarded as something of fleeting purpose and dubious worth, and in the end, irreverently squalid.

Romantic love is the supreme endowment that sets people apart from their animal cousins. The capacity of man and woman to form lasting bonds of monogamy in a world rife with temptation, and to form a family and create a home in which children grow in the best circumstances possible is a wonderful thing. Sexual pairings that bind committed couples biologically, and continuously renew their emotional ties through intimate contact, provide the richest experiences life has to offer. But these notions have been lost in the popular culture of our age, and are mocked as either prudish or preposterous in the age of shacking up, no-fault divorce, and alternative lifestyles. The physical modesty of children is assaulted and broken down through sex education and continuous streams of obscenity coming from video games, movies, TV, the Internet, magazines, and parents without boundaries or moral values.

Contemporary euphemisms for immoral sexual conduct have softened and blended with the titles once reserved for holy matrimony and nuclear family.  “Hooking up” is the fishy term for anonymous sexual liaisons with serial strangers. “Living with” someone has replaced the harsher “shacking up,” alluding to what, in my youth, was called “living in sin.” “Baby mamas” and “baby daddies” were just a few years ago known as “out of wedlock parents,” or “unwed mothers and fathers,” and a few decades ago, “fornicators, sluts, pigs” and “whores.” “Bastard” was the label once assigned babies born outside of marriage. When that term was deemed politically incorrect, they were called “illegitimate.” And today there is no distinction made at all between children whose parents are married and those whose parents are neither married, nor identifiable. The value of marriage and family has been all but destroyed in those populations where nearly 4 of 5 children are born without a daddy in their lives.

As mollifying terms referencing immoral behaviors and situations are used more and more often to appease the demands of political correctness, terminology which refers to the very private and cherished constituents of human sexuality coarsens.  Media and entertainment are full of crude references to sex in all its varied forms, and the body parts involved. Nothing is sacrosanct, and the raunchiest terms are applied to those things which should be kept private and reverent while authentically vile and licentious activities are couched in approving language.

The downward spiral from “family jewels” to “junk” is more than just a byproduct of the acceptance of the profane and the desecration of the sacred, it signals an utter disengagement from God. Romantic love is the archetype through which men and women become most like God by becoming co-creators with Him. As human sexual identity has been dissipated through social movements including militant feminism, the recognition of homosexuals as a protected class, the transgender culture, and the normalization of other perversions, the idea that marriage and procreation are the highest of human aspirations has been minimized. As the function of sexuality has been increasingly estranged from God, the high purposes of courtship, romance, and marriage have given way to superficial and cursory bursts of carnal pleasure encouraged by a morally decadent culture. These behaviors inevitably lead to despair as disengagement from godly identity leads to increased depravity, and the individuals caught up in the degenerate culture are little more than dots of debris floating on a sea of meaninglessness and self-loathing.

Words mean things, and the language; the euphemisms of our age, reflect the state of the human spirit and how we regard ourselves and those attributes that are most personal, and should be the most godly. A teacher innocently using the term “junk,” and sending a gaggle of second graders into fits of titters may seem harmless and silly in and of itself, but it’s worth a little cultural self-assessment to try to understand why that which should be held in the highest regard, the “family jewels,” is now given the same title as cheap and dirty back alley rubbish.

 by Marjorie Haun  5/11/13

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