Political Correctness: The Death of Freedom of Thought

July 16, 2014

If Political Correctness had been practiced by Adam and Eve, mankind would never have been. “Multiply and replenish the earth” would have ended the minute Adam told Eve that she had a lovely set of fig leaves.

200137265-001 So, let me get this straight–a renowned sportscaster effusively pays homage to the beauty of a beauty queen who is dating a quarterback playing in the game about which he’s commentating.  The renowned sportscaster is called out by “entertainment blogs” and feminist reporters for commenting on the beauty queen’s beauty, and is so thoroughly casti(ra)gated that his sports network feels the need to issue an APOLOGY!

“We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test. However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.” ESPN Spokesman, Mike Soltys

How on earth does a heart-felt complement go too far? Ladies, and you guys out there, when you pay a complement to your beauty queen, there is no such thing as too far. This is an excellent example of the mental disorder known as “Political Correctness” (PC).  We all know by now that Political Correctness is the antithesis of moral correctness and common sense. If PC had been practiced by Adam and Eve, mankind would never have been. “Multiply and replenish the earth” would have ended when Adam told Eve that she had a lovely set of fig leaves.  A PC Eve would have kicked Adam out of the garden, returned to school to finish her degree in “women’s studies,” and terminated forever the messy practices of courtship, marriage, sex, and bearing children. When you consider the social implications of PC, it’s clear that the very relationships, observances and rituals that are at the heart of human existence are targeted for elimination by the people and ideologies that push political correctness as a secular Decalogue.


That Brent Musburger’s enthusiastic endorsement of Kate Webb’s appearance drew one iota of controversy is absurd. With the Democrat National Convention, during which many female delegates flaunted buttons that screamed “Sluts Vote,” still fresh in our memories, it’s even more outlandish because the liberal women who asserted their ‘slut power’ in September are of the same ideology as the ninnies howling “sexist,” and “creepy” because Musburger noted that Miss Alabama is an exceptionally pretty woman. Yes, PC is designed to keep men and women as far apart as possible, as far away from traditional marriage as possible, and in perpetual doubt about their identities and the natural impulses that attract them to one another. By the same token, militant feminist PC keeps women as close to their abortion doctors as possible. And it persuades the larger culture that traditional relationships and communications that endear women to men and men to women are outdated and oppressive modes of behavior and language based on intolerable stereotypes.


The subjugation of the traditional family model to the “new normal” through policies that exalt homosexuality and same-sex cohabitation, while undermining the meaning and purpose of God’s institution of marriage, are at the core of perversion PC. One must tread ever so lightly over terminology that refers to homosexuals and their sexual arrangements for fear of character assassination by the “homophobe” detection squads in the media and culture. Alternate lifestyle PC is so powerful that what was once considered perverse, aberrant and dangerous, is now lauded–and integral to the plot lines of most sitcoms coming out of Hollywood–and to trespass new cultural norms that drive men to be with men, women to be with women, and institutionalize every distasteful version of homosexuality, bisexuality and weirdsexuality in existence, means certain political death, and possibly a lawsuit to boot.

Pedophilia is the new “gay rights” movement. A cabal of university researchers and ‘social scientists’ are now doing the work that the reprehensible NAMBLA once had to do on its own, and that is to normalize the idea that adults having sex with children is neither harmful nor abnormal, and that children may actually enjoy such relationships. Pedophilia proponents are sure to use the hammer of PC to bludgeon opponents just like the perversion movements that came before and now dominate our culture. The pedophilia movement is already poo-pooing the idea that child molestation is criminal and that its practitioners are in anyway abnormal. Pedophilia PC is designed to drive children out of the loving arms of their parents into the predatory arms of sexual reprobates.


Illegal aliens are known in politically correct parlance as ‘undocumented laborers,’ ‘migrant workers,’ or ‘Americans who got kicked out and have come back to reclaim their homeland.’ But the fact remains that they are in the country illegally, and being non-citizens, are also aliens. PC nonsense is designed to neutralize the innate sense of justice within the lawful person, while eliminating the moral standards by which civil society judges lawfulness. PC labels lawfulness as narrow-minded and oppressive while it proclaims illegality to be a means to justice in an unjust and unfair world. Any terminology that links illegal aliens to illegal activities will get you a protracted sentence in racist gulag. Several states are currently enacting policies that elevate the rights of illegal aliens above the rights of citizens.  Illinois, New Mexico and Washington state will now allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses with little or no documentation. The caveat that turns justice on its head is that if illegals are stopped on a traffic infraction, with or without a license, the state could be sued under the current practices of Obama’s Department of Justice, that regard questioning of someone based on race or nationality an infringement of their civil rights. The same does not hold true for citizens who are stopped and/or arrested on a driving charge. In this case, the illegal alien is immune from the consequences that the lawful citizen must suffer should he break the law.

Illegal Alien PC has turned one’s illegal status into a ticket to a free-for-all at the expense of law-abiding Americans. Illegal Alien PC drives potential new citizens away from constitutional principles, personal accountability, and self-reliance and into the arms of pandering politicians and a no-account nanny state. Political Correctness is cultural carpet bombing, indiscriminately blasting apart the foundations of civil society. PC is the wedge between individuals and the healthy, natural impulses that drive them to aspire to American ideals such as marriage, family, self-sufficiency, and individual achievement. PC is the invisible force field that drives young people apart by suspicion borne of the cultural myths of feminists and secularists. PC is the faux compassion that drives Americans away from the moral principles of the Founding Fathers into subservience at the feet of populations who have come to consume the wealth of the nation without ever becoming participants in the American Dream. PC is ultimately a wedge between people and God.  

by Marjorie Haun 7/16/14


School Trust Land Grants: How Oil and Gas can Power Colorado Schools

May 6, 2014

Editors Note: This article was first published in the Craig Daily Press on September 14, 2011, but the facts presented are true to this day, and the need for sustainable school funding greater than ever.

Marcia Neal and David Ludlam: Oil, gas can help fund Colorado schools

No news but bad new clouds the horizon when it comes to funding Colorado’s school districts. State leaders noted earlier this year that an additional $332 million will be cut from K-12 education in 2012. These additional draconian funding reductions may force teacher layoffs, increase class sizes and shorten the school year in some districts.

But there is a beacon of good news shining from an energy-rich corner of Colorado. Moffat and Routt counties are uniquely situated to provide new sources of long-term funding for schools. The revenues won’t come from printing money at the federal level but instead will come from investing in Northwest Colorado’s energy resources.

The federal government in 1787 issued School Trust land grants. These land grants were awarded knowing new states would need reliable income to establish and sustain public education. Today, the State Land Board manages these acres with a mandate to generate revenues for schools and education.

Land Ownership/Status

Colorado State Lands

Numerous commercial activities occur today on state lands creating a diverse revenue stream for education. Ongoing grazing leases, commercial enterprises and recreational activities contribute. But the most lucrative source of revenue — about 90 percent — occurs when the State Land Board leases oil and gas and other hydrocarbon mineral properties for development. In 2008, state lands generated more than $60 million for schools while 2010 saw a 15 percent decrease in the amount because of economic and regulatory pressures limiting short-term energy development.

So what gives Moffat and Routt counties the unique potential to help Colorado’s diminishing education funds? Two variables — one past, and one present. In 1876 when Colorado became a state, other energy-rich, yet-to-be-named Western Slope counties including Mesa, Garfield and Rio Blanco were part of the Ute Indian Reservation. As a result, these counties were not issued state lands. This historical fact resulted in Moffat and Routt counties playing host to the vast majority of state lands in western Colorado. Presently, emerging technology improvements are revealing new possibilities for oil and natural gas production in the Yampa Valley region. This new oil and gas potential may generate tens of millions of dollars annually for Western Slope schools and education.

As the Mancos and Niobrara shale deposits become household names, and as these rocks begin contributing energy to our nation, decades of dedicated school funds may flow from the Yampa Valley. And as school districts across Colorado lose more than $300 million in 2012, any potential new revenue for education is good news indeed.

To help foster this new source of school funding, working together to achieve several favorable outcomes is important. First, Western Slope stakeholders of all kinds must continue opposing diversion of monies from the education permanent fund into the state’s general fund. These energy funds were designed to grow and become a significant factor in long-term education funding. In states where long-term investment strategies are employed, energy dollars basically fund schools. Diverting funds away from schools in the short-term is short sided.

Second, our organization must continue doing everything possible to facilitate communication about the technologies used in oil and natural gas operations and the safeguards used to protect the environment. Sen. Jean White was spot-on in a recent community forum in Hayden when she pointed out that the industry and landowners must work together to leave behind a positive energy legacy.

Third, Colorado must ensure the State Land Board has the financial and staff resources necessary to process lease nominations and conduct lease sales that will in turn enhance revenue to schools.

Public concern and mixed reactions to energy development will continue as Niobrara, Mancos and other promising formations are explored and produced throughout western Colorado. But all stakeholders can recognize the unique contribution that energy beneath state lands can make to Colorado’s children. With this recognition will come a legacy of newer classrooms, smarter students and a more educated and competitive Colorado.

Marcia Neal is a member of the Colorado Board of Education, representing the Third Congressional District. David Ludlam is the executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

Published with permission by Reagangirl.com  5/6/14


Why the Constitution Must be Restored

This talk by former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, was given at a Brigham Young University devotional held Tuesday, 16 September 1986, commemorating of the 200th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.


The Constitution: A Glorious Standard ~Ezra Taft Benson

On the 17th day of September, 1987, we commemorate the two-hundredth birthday of the Constitutional Convention, which gave birth to the document that Gladstone said is “the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.” 1

I heartily endorse this assessment, and I would like to pay honor—honor to the document itself, honor to the men who framed it, and honor to the God who inspired it and made possible its coming forth.

To understand the significance of the Constitution, we must first understand some basic, eternal principles. These principles have their beginning in the premortal councils of heaven.

Some Basic Principles

The first basic principle is agency. The central issue in that premortal council was: Shall the children of God have untrammeled agency to choose the course they should follow, whether good or evil, or shall they be coerced and forced to be obedient? Christ and all who followed Him stood for the former proposition—freedom of choice; Satan stood for the latter—coercion and force.

The war that began in heaven over this issue is not yet over. The conflict continues on the battlefield of mortality. And one of Lucifer’s primary strategies has been to restrict our agency through the power of earthly governments.

Look back in retrospect on almost six thousand years of human history! Freedom’s moments have been infrequent and exceptional. We must appreciate that we live in one of history’s most exceptional moments—in a nation and a time of unprecedented freedom. Freedom as we know it has been experienced by perhaps less than 1 percent of the human family.

The second basic principle concerns the function and proper role of government. These are the principles that, in my opinion, proclaim the proper role of government in the domestic affairs of the nation:

“I believe that governments were instituted by God for the benefit of man; and that He holds men accountable for their acts in relation to them. …

“[I] believe that no government can exist in peace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.

Read the entire text here:

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The “Little Red Hen Principle” at Work in Colorado

July 12, 2014

“The only viable model for free enterprise is that in which reward is determined, not by equality of outcome, but by magnitude of output.” ~The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen Principle:

Lazy ducks who refuse to risk, sacrifice, and get just a little dirty creating wealth WILL NOT partake of the wealth created by those who risk, sacrifice, and get a little dirty in the process. Economic reward is to be based not upon equality of outcome, but by magnitude of output.

2crazy-goose Colorado is two states, not half and half, but blue and red arranged in a piebald pattern where blue cities and resort towns are swallowed in a sea of red. Those little blue islands, however, have immense power to mangle the character and economy of the entire state.

Ballot initiatives are one way citizens in Colorado can make their voices heard through petitioning their pet issue onto the November ballot, possibly changing statutory or constitutional law in the state. Ballot initiatives are a big deal, and Colorado is still feeling the negative reverberations from the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012, which legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The process is arduous, with the proposed initiative first going through a review process at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, followed by the gathering of the 86,105 valid signatures required to get the measure onto the ballot for statewide elections in November. Once sufficient signatures are counted and certified, the organization pushing a given proposition must then mount a political campaign that runs from September to voting day. Countless millions are spent on voter ballot initiatives each election year, and the process is often self-funded by those pressing for their pet issues.

Proposition 75, the “Local control of Oil and Gas” initiative, recently cleared the Secretary of State’s office and is moving through the process to be included on the November ballot. This initiative gives counties and municipalities power to BAN various kinds of energy development within their jurisdictions. Sponsored by the Colorado Community Rights Network, a lefty group akin to “Wild Earth Guardians” and the “Sierra Club,” this initiative is nothing more than a ban on fracking and fossil fuel development.

ASIDE: Funny how lefty groups OPPOSE local control of everything, from what meat you put in your sandwich to your right to own guns, UNLESS they see an opportunity to inflict pain to the energy industry–and everyone else of course, since we all like hot showers and cold soda pop.

This initiative is the culmination of years-long dyspeptic rumblings from Marxist mini-states such as Boulder and Pitkin (Aspen) counties, and other VERY WEALTHY leftist enclaves with huge carbon footprints which act like their kilowatts and full gas tanks are produced by unicorn farts and positive affirmations. ‘Local control of gas and oil’ translated into truespeak means, “Energy-guzzling NIMBYs believe that GAS AND OIL development via fracking is just too nasty for their little paradises and so they don’t want ugly rigs and smelly people with jobs digging and tracking mud through their neighborhoods, BUT THEY WILL GLADLY USE UP THE ENERGY YOU PRODUCE AND TAKE THE TAX REVENUES THAT YOU EARN BY HAVING RIGS AND SMELLY PEOPLE WITH JOBS IN YOUR TOWN!”

Colorado, fortunately, is full of tough principled people–even in government–who see the elitism and logical vacuum behind the push to ban fracking. In response to this lefty economic bunker buster called Proposition 75, Colorado State Representatives Jerry Sonnenberg and Frank McNulty devised their own little Proposition 121, called “Fair Distribution of Oil and Gas Revenue.” This initiative prevents Colorado’s Marxist mini states from being allocated revenues that come from gas and oil severance taxes–stick coal and oil shale in there as well–which to go the counties to fund schools, capital projects, etc. A more accurate title for this measure might be, “You dipwads who actually vote to ban energy development in your localities SHOULD NOT RECEIVE ONE CENT from state energy revenues, because, like the barnyard animals who refused to assist the Little Red Hen in her bread-baking endeavor, if you don’t add to the economy, don’t expect to get the benefit from those who do.”

Hence “The Little Red Hen Principle.”

Ballot initiatives are essentially extra-constitutional, and if Colorado’s constitution was not manhandled and mauled like so many other state constitutions, they would be completely unnecessary. Because conservatives tend to be constitutional purists, Leftists have used ballot initiatives to run roughshod over the state. After all, Leftists have to find something to do between trips to the pot shop and their marathon Noam Chomsky reads. But the Little Red Hen has changed all that. The “Fair Distribution of Gas and Oil Revenue” proposition truly is about fairness. Don’t you just love how the lazy duck, the corpulent pig, the mangy goat, the bi-polar goose, and the bloviating bovine get their comeuppance at the end of the day when the Little Red Hen tells them to go cluck themselves while she enjoys her hot, fresh bread? That principle is at work in Colorado. Memo to Colorado Marxist mini states: If you don’t want to explore, dig, extract, transport and process the treasure deep beneath our feet, then you will not enjoy the fruits of those who do.

by Marjorie Haun  7/12/14


Glenn Beck: America’s Self-Righteous “Charity Man”

July 11, 2014

This is a political stunt. For as much spiritual fervor as Glenn Beck displays for us to see, true charity is not performed for public consumption in a vast, self-aggrandizing PR campaign.


Glenn Beck’s grandstanding regarding  illegal alien kids flowing into the country and his very public show of “compassion and caring” make me sick.

This is a political stunt. For as much spiritual fervor as Glenn Beck displays for us to see, true charity is not performed for public consumption in a vast, self-aggrandizing PR campaign.

Mitt Romney is a better example of true, humble charity. Reluctant to even talk about his good works and kindness, during his 2012 campaign Romney hid his charitable works as much as possible from the media. Glenn Beck is proving to be a buffoon, embracing lawlessness and chaos in the name of charity, when in fact, the border children WILL NOT benefit from being encouraged to come here and stay where they are separated from their parents and will live in dependency, as a permanent underclass, unacquainted with the Founding Principles of America, and ignorant of history and the qualities which define American Exceptionalism.

Glenn Beck pretends to be a moral man, but there is nothing moral about rewarding lawlessness, enticing more children to leave their homes and risk their lives in a 45 day journey from Central America. There is nothing moral about giving aid and comfort to illegal invaders, mostly moms and teenagers, who have in their midst “other than Mexican” aliens from terrorist states, China, and other enemy nations using children as a cover to infiltrate this country with plans to KILL thousands of Americans. There is nothing moral about welcoming dangerous Hispanic gang members who will bring crime, murder, and drugs into our communities and fill our already-overburdened jails and prisons. There is nothing moral about ignoring the diseases and parasites these “children” will introduce into border towns, inevitably killing many Americans. There is nothing moral about falling into line with a tyrannical government which is literally dumping non-citizens into American communities, taking advantage of Christian churches, as it  fundamentally transforms the United States into a weakened, debt-ridden, poverty stricken, social welfare state which is powerless to help its own people and control its own destiny.

I would be impressed if Glenn Beck and his self-righteous ilk would take their moral bullhorns and resources and help the thousands of citizen children who languish in foster care because they come from chaotic homes where parents are stoned, drunk, abusive, or not present. I would love to see Glenn Beck himself adopt a couple of citizen teens who want with all their hearts just to have the security of a loving home with parents who care. Glenn Beck would be in the right if, instead of embracing lawlessness and chaos perpetuated by a despotic president and failed socialist states to the south, he gave his voice and money to efforts to bring school choice to inner city kids whose only chance to escape poverty will be a superior education.

I’m fed up with bleeding hearts like Glenn Beck. Charity begins at home. There are millions of American kids who need the kind of help he and his company can render. But those kids, those poor, struggling American kids, they’re so mundane. And helping them doesn’t provide the kind of photo-op “Charity Man” Glenn Beck wants for himself.

Hey Glenn Beck, instead of giving soccer balls to illegal alien Central American  teenagers, why don’t you give footballs and baseballs to American kids who could use a little tender loving care and a lot of hope?

I’m Marjorie Haun, I’m an Mormon, and I approved this message.

by Marjorie Haun  July 11, 2014


Old Sarge: How the Border Surge will Create a Permanent Underclass

July 11, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez is an author, Vietnam veteran, friend, and some would say, curmudgeon. He is affectionately known as Old Sarge.

2illegal-immigrant-children-obama-dumps-on-arizona-2014 FROM THE DESK OF OLD SARGE:

  • Do we need any more evidence that the Left has gone quite mad? Now some Liberals are saying that we should refrain from assigning a  child’s gender at birth, claiming that we should wait for wee ones to “discover” their inner, true selves.
  • The hysteria over the SCOTUS decision to back the owners of Hobby Lobby goes on, as those who hate private property rights but by hell want their contraceptives having no compunction about telling lies to get what they want. Folks, go buy something  from Hobby Lobby, just to show the Left that, when real just ice is applied,  individual rights still triumph over the imagined collective.
  • The new “positive” jobs figures fail to reveal that most of the jobs created in the previous quarter were government or part-time jobs. And surprise, surprise, once the endless unemployment benefits were cut off, scores of former recipients went out and rejoined the workforce!

But to the meat of what I want to talk about today. One hundred years ago, the ghastliest war in history swept across Europe and much of the world. Different nations declared war on other nations at different times, so there is really no designated start date for the Great War, World War I. When the Archduke, Ferdinand, and his wife were killed at Sarajevo, most American newspapers didn’t even print the story; one more assassination in Europe during turbulent times meant little to most Americans. We were determined to stay out of it, but a few years later, German U-boats were sinking our ships, and the German foreign minister was caught sending a letter to the Mexican government, urging them to ally with Imperial Germany and attack the United States.

Why this little 20th Century World History lesson? My point is simple. We have people among the conservative ranks those who want us to simply withdraw from the world, and put all out troops along the Northern and Southern Borders of America, which would be in violation of treaties with Canada and Mexico. If anyone thinks that we can ignore the rest of the world and not be affected, history says you are wrong. Now, on my next point, some are going to call me a racist, but I want you to once again put several thoughts together. Obama clearly reveals in both of his autobiographies, as well as through the policies of his lackey Justice Department, that he has a grudge against those of us who are on the lighter end of the color spectrum. I’m not assigning the surge to the border of illegal alien children from Central America to any conspiracy, because conspiracies are covert and the attempt to change the demographics of this country is right out in the open for all to see. However, the present illegal immigrant flood is an attempt by the Obama cult to slowly eliminate the white majority in this country, while weakening free market Capitalism and spreading third-world socioeconomic conditions throughout the Heartland.

But beyond race or nationality, President Obama wants to broaden the permanent underclass created and nurtured by Democrats, beginning with FDR. That dependent, underemployed, under-educated, unacquainted-with-American-exceptionalism underclass, is intended to become the permanent ruling class of Democrat voters.

If the tide of illegal child aliens is not stemmed now, the existing dependency class will be salted and peppered with people who are ignorant of this nation’s Founding principles, alien to its culture, and paralyzed by the vast responsibilities that come with freedom.

Well, there it is. Anyone can have at me now in good-mannered, intelligent debate.

Conspiracy theorists, take a hike. God be with you all in the coming trying days for our nation. I’m off to work.

- The Sarge

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The opinions expressed by Old Sarge do not necessarily reflect those of Reagangirl.com.


Colorado Representatives Tell Feds to Back Off Energy-Rich Lands

July 10, 2014

The following is taken from a press release from the office of United States Congressman, Scott Tipton (R) of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District:

Tipton and Gardner Urge Feds to Keep Hands off Vermillion Basin   July 9, 2014


WASHINGTON—Today, Congressmen Scott Tipton (R-CO) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) outlined concerns over the President’s use of the Antiquities Act to unilaterally designate large swaths lands in western states as national monuments, and warned against any such unilateral action on the Vermillion Basin. In their letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, the members also requested a list of lands being considered for national monument designation or any special designation by the President through the use of the Antiquities Act.

Their letter to Secretary Jewell follows:

We are writing to express our concern regarding President Obama’s use of the Antiquities Act to unilaterally designate massive blocks of land across the West as national monuments.  The unilateral designation of millions of acres, without local input or support from surrounding communities, amounts to a complete disregard for the will of the American people and their ability to have their voices heard.

Recently, President Obama used the Antiquities Act to unilaterally designate a 500,000 acre national monument in New Mexico, despite local objections and a lack of local participation in the designation of the monument.  What makes the unilateral action in New Mexico so alarming is that the area impacted signifies what could be just the initial phase to implement an internal Department of Interior document from 2009, titled Treasured Landscapes.  This document includes information that the Administration may take unilateral action to lock-away an additional 13 million acres in Western States, including the Vermillion Basin in Moffat County, Colorado.

Locking away over 13 million acres of Western land by way of the Antiquities Act, without Congressional approval or public input, will restrict access for energy production, recreation, and other job creating economic activities.  Given the breadth of this document and this Administration’s use of the Antiquities Act to date, the local communities that surround Vermillion Basin are deeply concerned.

The designation of Vermillion Basin as a national monument would result in a lasting, if not permanent, adverse economic impacts on the communities of Northwestern Colorado, including their ability to sustain and create jobs.  Local elected officials and stakeholders have recently sent letters asking that any consideration of the Vermillion Basin as a national monument be halted until broad consensus and community support from all sectors are secured.

Moffat County and the Vermillion Basin area residents have been intimately involved in the national monument conversation for the past 15 years with local solutions and compromise continually being sought.  However, in 2000, various environmental groups proposed that the Vermillion Basin should become a national monument without any input from local elected officials.  In 2007, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Senator Ken Salazar embarked on a helicopter tour of the area to “envision” the basin for a special designation, again without seeking input from the community stakeholders and locally elected officials.  Finally, in 2010, the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office and a diverse group of locally affected interests supported a plan to responsibly manage the Vermillion Basin by balancing multiple uses for the community with environmental protections. Years after the implementation of this locally driven compromise, the Washington, DC office of the BLM challenged and overturned the management plan that the local BLM office and the communities’ agreed upon.

The original intent of the Antiquities Act was to provide protections for at-risk lands facing an immediate threat.  However, the lands the President is now targeting, such as the Vermillion Basin, already have such protections in place.

We are proponents of a bottom-up approach to public lands designations to ensure public participation from local communities.  When the President unilaterally designates a monument under the Antiquities Act without local support, he is essentially imposing his will over the objections of the American people.  This disconcerting development speaks to the urgent need to update the Antiquities Act and give the American people a voice in the process.

We respectfully request that any Presidential use of the Antiquities Act to designate public lands as national monuments, such as the Vermillion Basin, be fully vetted through a locally driven bottom-up process involving those affected by such a designation change.  Additionally, we also request a list of lands being considered for national monument designation or any special designation by the President through the use of the Antiquities Act.

View a signed pdf of the letter HERE.

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Just Freaking Frack It!

July 9, 2014

As I write this timeless thingamabob, a posse of paranoid progressives is collecting petition signatures for an initiative in Colorado that would implement a blanket on fracking within the state. But let’s get real. A blanket ban on the safe, environmentally-sound, efficacious energy extraction method of fracking is like banning your inheritance, or a banning happiness, or banning good Italian food. It just doesn’t fracking make sense. 

  • “I know of people whose kids leave their lights on and they’re not even in the house.”
  • “People are getting asthma and COPD.”
  • “Sick! People are just getting…sick!”
  • “More people are getting Autism. Why are you laughing?”
  • “I am offended by the language in the resolution.”
  • “You need to take CO2 levels in the atmosphere seriously.”
  • “When the last drop of oil runs out, you’ll be sorry.”
  • “I don’t trust the scientific studies you cited.”

No, these are not the notes from a group therapy session with chronically depressed people. These are recorded testimonies from past County Commission hearings in Mesa County, Colorado, on the development of shale oil, Natural Gas, and other fossil fuels. Such mother fracking brainaics base their opposition on the solid science that…well…er…it just isn’t good for people or the earth or children or anything for that matter, and it causes Autism and asthma.

So what the frack is fracking and why is it scarier than Godzilla? Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing for you egg heads, is another process that takes place way down deep under the earth where no one can contract Autism or have an asthma attack. Pressurized water, or a similar fluid like Coke Zero, is forced into rocks which contain natural gas or oil, fracturing the “source rocks” so the fossil fuel can then travel to “reservoir rocks” where it is then pumped to the surface.  Getting fracked sounds dramatic, but on the surface what you feel it is the equivalent of a cow fart, or a flea slipping on Jared Leto’s hair.

Natural Gas wellhead

So why the frack do people line up at the Colorado Legislature to whine about how fossil fuel exploration and development causes Autism, and makes people sick, and causes kids to leave the lights on? Because they think oil derricks and natural gas well heads and oil shale operations are ugly.  It is the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome on steroids. IDIOT (I Deem It Obnoxious, so There)  is the syndrome suffered by these Western Liberals who hate any kind of development.  They don’t like ugly things cluttering up their view.  The funny thing is, all these boobs that lined up to whine at the Capitol drive ugly-arse, gas-guzzling, CO2 emitting, planet killing, polar bear murdering, habitat raping cars to get to there.  I can say unequivocally that a natural gas well head, an oil derrick, and an oil shale slurpee machine are all a heck of a lot easier on the eyes than any Liberal’s “COEXIST” bumper sticker covered abomination.

Granted, the Oil Shale nut has not been as neatly cracked as Natural Gas and regular Oil.  Granted, it is tricky to extract oil from rock-hard muck hundreds of feet underground. But it wasn’t easy to get to the moon either, and we did that 45 years ago. And nobody got Autism because we went to the moon.  Oil Shale is an evolving industry, but the rock-hard muck has been recovered and used as a fuel as long ago as the 10th Century, way before Dustin Hoffman won his Oscar for Rainman. Oil Shale exploration and recovery is going great guns in Wyoming, Utah and far countries who never put a man on the moon.  Oil Shale is extracted through drilling in a process that heats the shale in situ, which means way down under the earth where nobody can see the muck and no one will contract Autism. The process called “retorting” is not the art of being a smart ass, it is where the fossil fuel trapped within the shale separates from the rock hard stuff and is then pumped to the surface–sort of like the last agonizing swig of your Slurpee where your suck really really hard just to get the last little drop of blue raspberry diabetes potion down your gullet. Same idea, only you can’t make synthetic oil from blue raspberry Slurpee like you can from oil shale.

It has been said by reasonably sane people that “Western Colorado is the Saudi Arabia of Oil Shale.” Except for the bloated guys with greasy beards wearing night gowns and wedding veils who eat all day and herd harems of put-upon wives at night.  There is a century’s worth of oil soaked rock-hard muck right under my tidy size eight stilettos.  In fact, there is a couple century’s worth of Natural Gas in the Mountain West. And you know what else, there is more oil out here in America than anybody ever dreamed of. We are the Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and Jared Leto’s hair of oil in the 21st Century.

Let’s get serious for a minute about environmental impact. I love the earth. It is one of God’s crowning creations. I love children, I have a brood. I love animals, on a spit. I love blue sky and tall trees and a healthy ecosystem and big fat elk.  Renewable energy such as solar, if developed to the point that it actually made a large scale difference, would destroy major swaths of the earth.  For New York City to be electrified by solar energy would require an area the size of Arizona to be covered with solar arrays.  Wind turbines are killing bats and some species of endangered birds in alarming numbers. Who on the left whines about wind farms murdering animals. How do they know that solar panels don’t cause Autism in bats, or asthma in Golden Eagles?  Where’s the outcry? And you talk about ugly! The environmental footprints of solar and wind farms are like Godzilla; huge, ugly, and deadly!  The environmental footprint of a natural gas well head is about the same as your patio. An oil derrick takes up about a Wawa’s worth of vertical space, and a Weinerschnitzel’s worth of square footage on the surface. And because the Energy Sector is largely Capitalistic and Conservative, they clean up after themselves and take their stuff when they leave.

The Drinking Dippy Bird of Progress

So what, really, is all the bellyaching about coming from the Environmental curmudgeon army? They are people who simply aren’t happy. There always has to be a crisis. There always has to be a victim. There always has to be a transmitter of learning disabilities and illnesses to the helpless. And, they drive ugly cars.

In my opinion there are few things more beautiful than an oil rig, happily swaying up and down like a Drinking Dippy Bird, bringing up from deep in the Autism-free zone of the earth, the wonderful substance that can hurl my 1,500 lb car over three mountain passes to Denver and back, nearly 500 miles, on little more than a fill up.  And I am a happy person. I enjoy my freedom, and the best standard of living the world has ever know in Capitalist America. And if certain bitter curmudgeons, Commie pinkos, and Enviro-Nazis will back off and let the brilliant energy sector do its job, we will all be more free and more happy.

By Marjorie Haun 7/9/14


All Good Survival Plans Start With You

July 8, 2014

Think of the ability to survive a national economic or societal collapse in the context of a series of concentric rings of vulnerability. They might look like this:


  • The largest and most fragile outer ring would be the nation itself. Operations of federal government, supply chains, national banks, military chains of command, etc. are highly vulnerable to attack because they are exposed to dangers at every level and every type imaginable. You, as an individual citizen, have little or no control over what happens on the national level. Citizens are doubly imperiled when the government itself becomes a direct domestic threat, while also failing to defend against foreign enemies.
  • The next would be the ring of state powers and governance. A regional disruption or shakeup at a state level could occur in the case, for instance, of a financial collapse.  The citizen wields slightly more influence on state dynamics, but depending on the state and its population, that influence may be limited to pressures applied to state legislators and activities that directly impact state agencies, such as the state board of education and department of transportation.  The state of your state is much more important to your personal well-being than is the state of the union.
  • The next inner ring would be your community, city, or rural town. The potential for disruption to your locale is dependent upon how well its resources are managed and whether or not officials have drafted and implemented emergency plans.  You have a great deal of control over where you choose to live and how you use your immediate resources.  You have a lot of influence over the functions and composition of city government, if you so choose.  But in the event of community failure or collapse-which would be much more dangerous and disruptive in urban areas than in rural areas-you have the advantages of familiarity with the geography and economic profile of your area. In an emergency it will be much easier for you to navigate and access the things you need to survive in your town. Your town can be resilient and prepared if you are involved in the processes which address planning for emergencies.
  • The innermost ring of vulnerability is the individual/family and home.  This is the smallest ring, exposed to the least dangers, and it is under your direction.  This is the strongest and most resilient unit of government.  Individuals and families survive when governments fail because the individual directs the functions, for good or ill, of that family.  This is where you have the most control, and therefore, the greatest safety, IF YOU SO CHOOSE.

Once you understand the power you have to withstand fiscal crisis and potential national implosion, you can begin to prepare in a reasoned and effective process that will ensure that you and your loved ones will have access to the essentials until the national calamities  pass.

Hierarchy of necessities:

Water:  Store at least 3 days worth of drinkable water in a cool dark location in your home. A minimum of 1 gallon per day per person.  A family of 4 would need a minimum of 12 gallons of emergency water storage. But store an entire week’s worth if possible.  Obtain water purification tablets, and water filtration devices as well. Click here for detailed instructions on how to store water. Food: Begin with a 3-month supply of food storage.  Some rules of thumb are:

  • Store what you eat and eat what you store.
  • Rotate.
  • Store foods you know you and your family will like.
  • Store foods that are familiar.
  • Comfort foods are a must in times of psychological stress.
  • Remember to provide for your pets.

All of the following items have a shelf life of much longer than 90 days.  Be sure to store them in a cool place with a stable temperature (garages are not good) away from light.

  • Canned meats; tuna, chicken, Spam, salmon, etc. (only what your family will eat)
  • Dried meats such as jerky, chipped beef, summer sausage, salami, pepperoni
  • Velveeta or a similar processed cheese product
  • Powdered cheese
  • Wet canned vegetables, tomatoes, beans, condiments, and fruit
  • Easy to prepare dry boxed meals and side dishes ( Macaroni and Cheese is great because it is comfort food.)
  • Canned soups and stews
  • Dried pasta and a variety of bottled or canned pasta sauces
  • Instant potatoes
  • Rice
  • Dried beans
  • Dried fruit, raisins
  • Boxed Jello and pudding desserts
  • Boxed cake, muffin, dessert, and cookie mixes  (treats and comfort foods have a lot of psychological value during times of stress)
  • Boxed cereal, oatmeal, cream-of-wheat, cracked wheat, etc.
  • Complete pancake mix, biscuit mix
  • Flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, arrowroot
  • Sugars, honey, molasses, corn syrup
  • Powdered drinks, hot cocoa, fruit drinks, powdered milk, other preferences such as coffee or tea
  • Evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk
  • Baby food and formula
  • Peanut butter, Nutella, salted nuts
  • Condiments, salt, pepper, herbs, spices, vegetable oil, olive oil, shortening, peanut butter, jams, jellies, syrups, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, pickles, olives, capers, picante sauce, hot sauces, and other condiments that you use on a regular basis
  • Packaged gravy mixes and bouillons

Click here for detailed information on food storage.

For your freezer: Properly wrapped meats and other foods will last in a freezer well over 90 days. If there is empty space in your freezer, fill the spaces with 3/4 full water bottles.  Your freezer will be more efficient when it is filled with frozen items and, if your lose power for a time, the food will stay frozen longer, up to 72 hours if you leave the freezer door closed.

  • Cured meats such as ham, sausages, bacon, etc.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Prepared foods such as pizzas
  • Butter, margarine, cream cheese, block cheese, shredded cheese
  • Sealed packages of pork, beef or poultry
  • Nuts
  • Breads, bagels
  • Candy bars
  • Ice cream (don’t underestimate the value of comforting treats, especially if you have children)
  • Bags of flour, biscuit or pancake mix (placing these items in the freezer greatly extends their shelf life and will fill up the empty space that may make your freezer less efficient)

Click here for detailed information on long-term storage items.

Emergency supplies:

  • A basic first aid kit
  • Several flashlights with batteries, emergency candles or lamps, fuel, matches or lighter’
  • If you have an outdoor grill, keep it well maintained and the fuel tank full
  • Sternos, a hibachi or other simple cooking devices
  • A battery powered or crank up radio

Medicine and Personal Hygiene: Obtain a 90-day supply of the following and store it securely away from moisture and heat.

  • OTC Pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds (Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin)
  • 90 days worth of prescription medications (many pharmacies offer discounts on a 90-day supply)
  • Dietary supplements, especially essentials like calcium, vitamin C, etc.
  • Feminine supplies, diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues
  • OTC Allergy medications, topical anti-allergy cremes, Epi-pen (with a prescription) if needed
  • OTC Cold and flu medications
  • Topical antibiotic ointment
  • Epsom salts, burbling alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, mineral oil, aloe vera gel
  • Tooth paste, dental floss, soap, deodorant, razors, shampoo, lotion, etc.
  • Laundry and dish detergent, cleaning supplies, rags
  • Garbage bags
  • Other dry goods or pharmacy items that you expect to use a few times per year

Click here for information of health and wellness during times of crisis. Advance Preparations:

  • Prepare to grow your own food (and livestock) to the greatest extent possible using farming operations, home gardens, aquaponic or hydroponic gardens, patio gardens, potted gardens, etc. National Geographic Doomsday Preppers “Secret Garden”
  • Pay off debt to the greatest degree possible: Dave Ramsey system/Financial Peace University
  • Be prepared to defend your family and your resources: Q & A about personal protection using firearms
  • Build a network of Faith, Friends, Family, and Freedom Organizations: You are responsible to provide for the spiritual and temporal well-being of yourself and your family.  Take advantage of your church and other faith organizations in a mutual-support, communication, and compassionate service network
  • Build a relationship with Heavenly Father, enlarge your personal faith, and become a source of confidence and assurance to your friends and loved ones. GO TO CHURCH and take advantage of your precious religious liberty.
  • Nurture your relationships with extended family and friends.  Share information about preparing.  Address anxieties about what is happening to the United States of America through positive action. Prepare a little each day.
  • Join pro-Constitution, Conservatively oriented organizations which encourage self-reliance, and involvement in government at the grassroots level. Participate in opportunities to learn about government, The Constitution, American History, and get busy with taking care of your present and future needs.

The innermost ring of vulnerability becomes the inner circle of strength when you choose to be prepared.  The window of opportunity is still open, but it is quickly closing upon this nation and its citizens.  Do not wait to become prepared.  But you can survive.  If the nation fails, you don’t have to. You are in control of the basic aspects of your life and liberty.

by Marjorie Haun 7/8/14


Is Mark Udall Married to Extreme Environmentalism? Ask His Wife

July 7, 2014

Mark Udall is married, in every sense, to the extreme environmental Left. His rejection of the Keystone XL project, which would increase America’s energy independence and bring thousands of jobs to states across the country, is indicative of how far he is willing to go to please extremist special interests, and at the same time, keep the peace at home.

Mark Udall, Maggie Fox

Senator Mark Udall (D) Colorado, is known for his alliances with extreme environmental groups and his “I hate fossil fuel” policies, which often puts him at odds with Colorado’s businesses, local interests, and the national economy:

  • Despite a recent study showing that fracking bans in the state of Colorado would have devastating effects on the state and local economies, Mark Udall refuses to disavow fracking ban initiatives.
  • He voted against a non-binding resolution in 2013 supporting completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, despite polling which shows a large majority of Coloradans support it.
  • Udall’s loyalties come into question recently when billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer vowed to “back” lawmakers who continue to oppose the KeystoneXL pipeline.
  • A proponent of “green” alternative energy, Udall has a record of pushing “climate change” legislation, and saying those in Colorado who have doubts about the science behind so-called manmade global warming have “their heads in the sand.”
  • In 2004 Senator Udall himself received a 100% legislative rating from the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), which is heavily involved in activities that increase Federal Government control over areas in and around national parks and promote their long-term goals of shutting off millions of acres to human activity and development.

One of the reasons Cory Gardner, the United States Congressman from Yuma, Colorado, is such a threat to Udall’s tenure in the Senate, is that Udall has a narrow, ideological focus on environmental issues, ignores the will of the people of his state and the country, and has voted with Obama nearly 100% of the time. Knowing what we know about Udall is unpleasant enough–but many people don’t know that he is married to Maggie Fox-Udall, an environmental lawyer and activist.

Maggie Fox-Udall has been the good wife to candidate Udall. While most political wives are seen in public supporting their men, acting the supporting role of help meet and honey, Maggie Fox-Udall, whose hubby is in a celebrity death match with Gardner, has been strangely silent–inexplicably invisible. Perhaps this is why:

  • Maggie Fox-Udall is currently serving as President and CEO of the “Climate Reality Project”. The Climate Reality Project  is “a non-profit organization leading a campaign to help citizens around the world discover the truth about the climate crisis and bring about global change.”  In a “getboulder.com” magazine interview, Mrs. Udall compares educating “climate change” skeptics that the phenomenon is a reality with that of educating the people of South Africa that Apartheid was wrong.
  • Maggie Fox is the past National President of “America Votes,” which “has built a permanent advocacy and campaign infrastructure that provides coordination, data and targeting services to progressive organizations; pursues electoral reforms that expand voting rights across the country; and advances progressive policies through state and local ballot initiatives. America Votes’ strong progressive infrastructure will support our coalition partners’ advocacy efforts and facilitate the coordination of voter outreach.”
  • Maggie Fox is also a former Deputy Director of The Sierra Club, whose Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) advocates…
    • Fracking bans
    • Banning oil and gas extraction and waste disposal
    • Political activities that drive energy development out of the State of Colorado
    • Supports state and federal legislation increasing government control and decreasing local control over land and water rights, and threatening private property rights
  • An ardent Leftist, Maggie Fox campaigned for Obama in 2008. In this clip she stumps for Joe Biden and introduces him with a plug for “a green energy revolution.”

The Maggie Fox-Udall resume’ is rife with examples of extremist leanings. But it should come as no surprise. Udall is known first as an environmentalist and obstructionist of western energy projects. He has tried for nearly 3 years to push national park status for the Colorado National Monument onto the folks of Western Colorado, a large majority of whom don’t want the change. But like all ideologues, Udall and Fox are relentless.

To hardcore Leftists like the Udalls, science takes a back seat to purpose. The ends justify any means, no matter how destructive. Public opinion is a hurdle to be overcome. And truth is what they want it to be.

Colorado is sick of bad science, destructive Democrat policies, and tin-eared politicians who, instead of We the People, serve their own agendas and extreme special interest groups.  Mark Udall is quite literally married to the extreme environmental Left.

by Marjorie Haun  7/7/14



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