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Pot and the Pesticide Question
Marijuana | | 15. June, 2015

June 14, 2015

By Marjorie Haun | Watchdog Arena

Questions about pesticide application to marijuana plants in Colorado and potential pest contamination to other crops have revealed gaps in the agricultural knowledge surrounding the state’s burgeoning industry.

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NO CLEAR ANSWERS: After speaking with agriculture experts of Colorado, information on proper pesticide use for its new marijuana industry is lacking.

Prior to the 2012 passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana, its cultivation was allowed only in licensed medical marijuana operations. The marijuana plant, Cannabis Sativa, is currently classified as a noxious weed in many states.

A recent Denver Post article about the quarantining of hundreds of marijuana plants at a commercial facility due to the improper use and application of pesticides and fungicides, brought to light an issue that has received little or no attention from the general public.

According to the March 23 story:

The state of Colorado has long had “best practices” type of guidance for pesticide use by pot growers, but the state has yet to conclude work on implementing rules for pesticide use in the industry.

Agriculture regulators generally require pesticides to be used as labeled. But because there aren’t any pesticides labeled for use on marijuana, growers are asked to use pesticides labeled for “unspecified crops and/or plants.

Technically, marijuana is governed by Colorado Pesticide rules, as are other agricultural crops, but commercial producers of pesticides have not included marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) on the labels which list appropriate crops for application. In a statement to Watchdog Arena, Duane Sinning of the Colorado Department of Agriculture Plants Division explained:

Pesticides labels are registered for specific crops in specific states. Those labels are held by the private pesticide industry so state laws cannot change them. Products not specifically labeled for use on marijuana plants cannot legally be used on those plants. Out of some 13,000 chemical pesticides on the market, only about 200 of them contain labeling language broad enough to allow them to be used on marijuana plants.

It appears that many of the implications and potential hazards of marijuana pests and pesticides are unknown. Although industrial hemp crops have been studied and there is a body of knowledge regarding industrial hemp pests and pest control, it’s difficult to find credible sources for similar information addressing commercial marijuana crops.

The Colorado State University Extension Office is considered the go-to resource for agricultural information; however, when asked about existing research on marijuana pests and pesticides, Colorado State University’s Assistant Vice President for Research & Industry Partnerships Mark Wdowik told Watchdog Arena:

CSU may be able to provide information related to industrial hemp, but not marijuana.  Researchers from our agricultural college may be able to assist you with information about hemp cultivation.  If your questions are specific to marijuana, you will need to turn to individuals and entities external, and not related to, CSU.

The dearth of marijuana research in the area of crop pest-control, and federal prohibitions against its commercial growth and sale may account for the absence of marijuana-specific labeling in the agricultural pesticide industry.

The pests and various diseases which attack hemp plants—a plant almost identical to marijuana without the high levels of THC—are fairly well known. One of the most insidious is the Aspergillum mold, which, if inhaled, can cause severe pulmonary disease. Hemp flea beetles, spider mites, hemp borers, weevils, and whiteflies are just a few of many arthropods that attack industrial hemp plants.

What is less-known is how the pests and diseases which attack hemp’s close relative, marijuana, will affect other agricultural crops such as fruit orchards, corn, wheat, etc. Marijuana is relatively new to Colorado as an outdoor crop, and little information is available about how it will grow and possibly spread in various regions such as the high desert, plains and mountainous areas, or how it might be a vector for the spread of agricultural pests and disease.

The unknowns surrounding marijuana pests and pesticides are one facet of the controversy over a potential outdoor medical marijuana operation in the middle of Western Colorado’s prime peach orchards and vineyards. Kendra Williams, a peach grower from Palisade, Colo., summed up the issue for Watchdog Arena:

We, the peach growers, have to obtain spray licenses for applying pesticide to our crops.  We have no idea whether or not the pot growers will have the same regulations. Entire crops have been pulled out of this valley because they spread diseases and bugs to other crops. Nobody knows what will happen with marijuana growing right next to our peaches. The people voting to legalize marijuana put the cart before the horse and there are agricultural questions that haven’t been answered, and I’m afraid the farmers out here will have to pay the price.


This article was written by a contributor of Watchdog Arena, Franklin Center’s network of writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists.

Reposted on  6/11/15

Stop Lying to Me!
Abnormal Psychology | | 14. June, 2015

June 14, 2015

A white person cannot be a black person. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. Dogs drool. Cats purr. Objective reality matters.

“Be honest. Just tell the truth.” That’s the comment made by the very white father of Rachel Dolezal, the very white President of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), who has come under fire recently for portraying herself as a black, “victim of hate crimes.” Dolezal has woven such a nasty web of deceit by lying about her ethnicity that she even dissed her sweet, pale parents, and actually posted pictures on Facebook of herself with a black man she claimed was her bio-dad. Problem is, the ersatz bio-dad is just a black colleague from Idaho who works for the Human Rights Institute. Does the NAACP fire the phony? Heck no. Does the mainstream media care that a white woman with a white mom and pop lied about her ethnicity to advance herself in black identity politics? Not a whit. Why, because she’s doing the bidding of the progressive Left.

Rachel Dolezal will be lionized by the leftist hack media as “courageous,” while those her expose her fabrications will be pilloried by the same hack media as “racist bigot.” This is the algorithm of modern life. Lies from the Left = good. Truth from the Right = bad. There’s no way to get around this. Ironic, isn’t it, that the reality we must deal with is a political/social construct created from the mud and straw of false narratives.


But that’s where we are, folks. We live in a world of two hemispheres; not of the global sense, where north and south are separated by an imaginary line running around the midriff of the planet, but where reality and delusion are separated by a delicate filament of truth. But really, that’s so last week, all this, “be honest, just tell the truth,” nonsense. So boring. After all, haven’t we all been treading a fluid and subjective reality for so long that we’re used to floating along.

Bruce Jenner gets nipped and tucked here and there, dresses up in glam garb, and poses like a girlie on the cover of a magazine, and so who can argue that he’s NOT a girlie? The social norms of the 21st Century are sufficiently abnormal that most play along with Jenner’s sad–really sad–delusional charade. Bruce–I refuse to call him “Caitlin” because I haven’t signed up for this game–is not just given a pass as an individual undergoing an understandable transformation in a quest for fulfillment, he’s nearly worshiped as a “courageous” transgender pioneer icon.

Since Slick Willie prowled the halls of the White House, sniffing for interns, the transformation of our nation from a morally grounded republic into an amoral progressive social experiment has accelerated alarmingly. It’s just the thing to do, you know, lie about stuff. Bill Clinton was an effective liar and is remembered as an astute politician. Al Gore lied about global warming and is regarded as an end-of-days environmentalist prophet. Elizabeth Warren–who is so white she’s nearly transparent–lied about being a Native American, and is the darling of the radical left-wing of the Democrat party. Hillary Clinton has never really been honest about anything–her lies have had deadly consequences to four of America’s finest sons–and she is poised to become the first woman POTUS. It’s just frigging bizarre.

Don’t get me wrong. Republicans lie too. But little fibs get Republicans crucified in the press, while massive, asteroid-sized whoppers told by Democrats bring admiration, loyalty, and the fierce protection of the attack dogs in liberal media. But, I gotta tell you folks, I’m sick of it. I’m not playing this lying game anymore. Let’s be straight. Islam is NOT the religion of peace, it’s an ideology of conquest and control. An unborn baby is not the “product of conception,” but, from the beginning is a human child, a person. Homosexuality is NOT normal, it’s a sexual anomaly, and like other sexual transgressions, is condemned by God. Men cannot be women, and women cannot be men. Little boys cannot be girls and little girls cannot be boys. A biological man dressed as a woman going into a woman’s restroom is still a man in a lady’s restroom. It’s wrong–and dangerous. Anything other than the lawful union of one man and one woman is NOT marriage. Homosexual unions, polyamory, polygamy, and all other aberrant arrangements, are excluded from the true definition of marriage. A white person cannot be a black person. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. Dogs drool. Cats purr. Objective reality matters.

The point of this whole rant is really simple. Just please, for the love of Pete, stop lying to me. It’s disgusting and depressing to be pelted with lies and false narratives and deceptive rhetoric and bullcrap everyday. Stop it! I’m not playing the lying game anymore. Please, be honest. Just tell the truth.

by Marjorie Haun  6/14/15


Obama adds hundreds of invertebrates, plants to Endangered Species list

June 11, 2015

Obama delists 12 endangered species, adds hundreds more

Gunnison Sage Grouse

By   /   June 3, 2015     

Watchdog Arena

Although the Obama Administration has delisted as many species as all administrations combined since the Endangered Species Act was passed–a total of twelve– the numbers of species being added to the list is staggering. Since 2007, 299 new species have been listed as “endangered,” and there are currently 36 species waiting in the wings.

According to a report by Corbin Hiar, a reporter for Environment and Energy Publishing, species taken off the “endangered” list by the Obama Administration are poised to surpass the number of species delisted in the forty years since the ESA was passed if deadlines are met. According to the report, another 18 species, including birds, mammals, plants, reptiles, and fish, have been removed from the list since 2009.

Given the scope and impact of the ESA, which now empowers the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to address all threatened or endangered species internationally through the “Branch of Foreign Species,” Obama’s record is not necessarily a cause for celebration.

Greg Walcher, former Secretary of Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources, in a 2014 Watchdog Wire report, claimed that of the thousands of species listed as endangered by USFW, only around one percent have been delisted, and ten of those were due to extinction.

Delisting endangered species is also often subjective. USFW, tasked with assessing and listing potentially threatened and endangered species, often adds species to the list with no clear criteria for recovery. Walcher exposed this significant weakness in the ESA listing process, indicating that recovery plans and criteria for what constitutes species recovery are not required for the process by which species receive their “endangered” designation.

The identification of threatened or endangered species by USFW is more than a race to restore populations of specific animals. The economic and political stakes are incredibly high, especially in those states where the protection of “endangered” species means closing off millions of acres of land to human development.

The Yellow-billed Cuckoo is one such species. With habitat covering vast regions of the western states, preservation of its habitat could potentially effect farming, ranching, mineral exploration and extraction, industrial and residential development, and access to native water resources for millions of people. 

Colorado’s species of note is the Gunnison Sage Grouse, a near-identical relative of the Greater Sage Grouse, which lives in many Western Slope counties where oil and gas development, mining, and ranching are key economic drivers. Elected officials at all levels of government, including Gov. John Hickenlooper, have united to dissuade USFW from its plan to move the Sage Grouse, which is currently designated as “threatened,” into the endangered category.

In a lawsuit filed against USFW, its flawed listing processes and lack of transparency were documented. But potentially massive economic repercussions were also pointed out. According to a March 18, 2015 Washington Times article about the lawsuit:

The Greater sage-grouse’s habitat is enormous, spanning 165 million acres in 11 Western states, 64 percent of which sits on federal land.

The Fish and Wildlife Service has until Sept. 30 to decide whether to list the Greater sage-grouse as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act, a move with potentially devastating economic consequences for the Western United States.

The Endangered Species Act was first passed in 1973, largely in response to alarming declines in the populations of several apex predators, including the Southern Bald Eagle and Polar Bear, as well as some iconic critters such as the Whooping Crane and Bighorn Sheep.  In 1978, the ESA was amended to include plants, and marine and terrestrial invertebrates.

Due to intensive conservation efforts on the part of federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-profits, a few species have recovered sufficiently to be relisted as “threatened” or “recovering.”  Between the time of the enactment of the ESA and 2007, 18 species–including plants, invertebrates, birds, reptiles, and mammals from the United States and other countries–were taken off the “endangered” listing because their numbers were on the rebound.

The recovery of a species struggling on the cusp of extinction is undoubtedly a cause for celebration, and most Americans support the goals of the ESA. But as hundreds of new species are listed, many of which are virtually unknown or may be dubious subspecies of a thriving species, the present goals of USFW in its application of the ESA are being called into question with its potential to do ravage economies.

This article was written by a contributor of Watchdog Arena, Franklin Center’s network of writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists.

Reposted with permission of the author by  6/11/15

Over Easy or Scrambled? Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

June 10, 2015

One neuropsychological effect of regular marijuana use is a significant loss in IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38, whereas non-users have no significant drop in IQ over their lifetime.

2marijuana The abundant evidence showing marijuana causes permanent harm to its users won’t stop Libertarians, hippies, and burnouts from defending the wacky weed with every ounce of passion they can muster. Frankly, I’m bored with people who tout pot as a medicine or a harmless social “lubricant” on a par with alcohol. As far as I’m concerned, such incorrigible fools can defend marijuana use all the way to the dispensary, but the rest of us have a moral obligation to warn our young people about the personal catastrophes that await them if they become users. The following list of facts are derived from several scholarly, peer-reviewed studies on the various ways marijuana will fry your brain.


  • Delta-9 tetrahydrocannibanol (THC), the active chemical in marijuana, chemically resembles the endocannabinoids produced naturally in the human brain, especially the chemical, Anandamide. THC “fools” or interrupts the natural process of Anandamide receptors in the brain, causing disturbances to the functions that natural cannabinoids “modulate” such as mood, appetite, sensation, memory, pain and pleasure.
  • Natural endocannabinoids shape brain development by guiding neuron growth where  it is needed, supporting neuron function, and helping the myelination process in the growing brain. Myelination of the brain cells is not complete until the mid to late 20s in humans. THC interferes with all of these critical development processes, and is most damaging to the brains of adolescent marijuana uses because their brains will fail to myelinate properly, causing irreversible structural and psychological changes.


  • THC mimics Anandimide but has a much STRONGER and LONGER-LASTING effect on neuron activity. The brain will adapt to THC exposure causing the user to become addicted.
  • One way scientists prove the addictive power of substances is through animal research in which rats will ‘self administer’ a substance to which they become addicted. Laboratory experiments with THC revealed that rats continually administered the drug in the same way they would cocaine, heroin and nicotine.
  • THC has been found to increase dopamine release in the reward center of the brain, causing a sense of pleasure or euphoria, much like other addictive drugs.
  • The withdrawal symptoms of THC include; restlessness, anxiety, irritability, anger, aggression, sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, and weight loss.
  • Marijuana addiction accounts for more admissions into teen substance abuse treatment programs than all other intoxicants combined, including alcohol.
  • Marijuana addiction is related to the age at which a user begins using; the younger the individual when he begins to use marijuana, the more likely he will become dependent and suffer long-term negative cognitive and behavioral effects.


  • THC affects areas of the brain which dictate memory, movement, coordination, vision, judgment and pleasure.
  • The hippocampus, which is the center of memory formation and retrieval, sleep regulation, and stress responses, is especially sensitive to THC exposure. Brain imaging studies have proven that regular marijuana users have, on average, smaller hippocampuses and worse memory performance than non-users.
  • One neuropsychological effect of regular marijuana use is a significant loss in IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38, whereas non-users have no significant drop in IQ over their lifetime.  Those users who started before age 18 had greater drops in IQ than those who started using after age 18.


  • Those who use marijuana regularly during adolescence are 2 to 4 times more likely to develop psychosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, and/or depression in adulthood.
  • Brain scans of of adolescent marijuana users (who had little or no alcohol intake) indicated that the corpus callosum–the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two hemispheres of the brain–were structurally much thinner than those of non-users. Similar structural differences in corpus callosum are found in people with schizophrenia.


  • THC intoxication impairs memory, motor coordination, reaction time and visual perception.
  • National studies of intoxicant induced fatal car crashes have shown that by 2009 33% of the drivers had THC in the systems. This is a three-fold increase from prior years, and is on the rise in states where medical and recreational marijuana is now legal.
  • Since THC stays in the body for protracted periods of time, an individual does not to be acutely intoxicated to be under the influence while driving.


  • THC affects glands, hormones and certain organs. Studies have shown that adolescents who begin to use marijuana regularly before age 16 are shorter in height than their peer controls.
  • Daily use of marijuana may increase the risk of testicular cancer.


  • Marijuana is bred and cultivated to increase THC levels in the plant. Marijuana now is 5 to 10 times more powerful than when it first became popular among young people.
  • As the amount of THC in pot increases the adverse effects, such as paranoia, anxiety and panic, hallucinations, erratic mood swings, and aggressive behavior are magnified.
  • There has been a dramatic increase in recent years of emergency room admissions by people who have ingested pot in some form.
  • Synthetic forms of THC, which can be up to 10 times more powerful than even today’s cultivated pot are accountable for all of the typical adverse effects of marijuana, as well as seizure and heart attacks.
  • Poison control centers are reporting a significant increase in calls related to synthetic THC.


  • After decades of decline, teen use of marijuana is on a dramatic upswing. This is explained by the promotion of marijuana as a “medicine,” legalization in some states, and positive portrayals of its use in popular culture, which all lead to a decreased negative perception of marijuana.
  • Medical marijuana and recreational pot operations market to young people through “sexy” and colorful advertisements.
  • THC in soda pop, candy, lollipops, butter, and other “edible” forms is designed to appeal to adolescents with the use of bright colors, funny brand names, and cartoon-style logos. These products taste like what they look like and it is not readily apparent that they contain natural or synthetic THC.


  • Adults possessing medical marijuana licenses or cards account for nearly half of the pot obtained by teen users.
  • Most adults using “medical” marijuana do so because they have a vague diagnosis such as “severe pain.”
  • The THC in “medical” marijuana is stronger than street marijuana, often up to 12 times as strong.


  • When medical marijuana became legal in Colorado, expulsions related to possession of pot or intoxication rose about 75% between 2009 and 2011. The number of marijuana-related expulsions has increased even further since recreational pot was legalized by the voters via Amendment 64 in 2012.


  •  Marijuana smoke contains most of the cancer-causing chemicals, including tar, contained in tobacco smoke.
  • Marijuana smoke is usually unfiltered and held in the lungs longer than tobacco smoke.
  • Regular marijuana smokers report bronchitis, wheezing, shortness of breath and more sick days in comparison to non-smokers (regardless of tobacco use).

Most who defend marijuana do so because they have a personal preference for it. There are some Libertarian purists who actually oppose any laws prohibiting  free expressions of human behavior. Our realities, however, are not so simple. Decades of sound research proves that marijuana is a social evil to be socially discouraged and legally prohibited. The emerging generations of young people have a monstrous economic, social, and political obstacles before them. It’s time for adults to clean up their own lives so they may pave a better path for their children’s future.

by Marjorie Haun  6/10/15

Resources: A Comparison of Mainstream and Sidestream Marijuana and Tobacco Cigarette Smoke Produced Under Two Machine Smoking Conditions ~David Moir et al, July, 2007

Persistent Cannabis Users show Neuropsychological  Decline from Childhood to Mid-life                                                                                ~Madeline Meier et al, April, 2012

The Teen Brain on Marijuana [PDF] Sion Kim Harris, PhD, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, Boston Childrens Hospital, Harvard Medical School

There is No Right to Marriage…for Anyone

June 9, 2015

“By liberty, I understand the power which every man has over his own actions, and his right to enjoy the fruits of his labor, art and industry, as far as by it he hurts not the society, or any members of it, by taking from any member, or hindering him from enjoying what he himself enjoys.  The fruits of a man’s honest industry are the just rewards of it, ascertained to him by natural and eternal equity, as is his title to use them in the manner which he thinks fit: And thus, with the above limitations, every man is sole lord and arbiter of his own private actions and property…no man living can divest him but by usurpation, or by his own consent.” ~ from Cato’s Letters


There is no right to marriage. Rights are those broad, enforceable concepts which can defended in word and in fact, by law; life, liberty, property. Heterosexual men and women have no right to be married. If a single man in a country demographically short on eligible women because of decades of sex-selection abortions, such as India, asserts the right to be married, and yet lacks a consenting partner who agrees to enter into the covenant of marriage with him, who will enforce his right? Is it the role of government to initiate force upon an unwilling woman, removing ALL of her rights to self-determination, in order to enforce his right to marriage? No. It’s absurd.

Marriage between one man and one woman as designed by God and exemplified by Adam and Eve, is the crowning privilege of humanity. One must qualify for this privilege by entering into a covenant with a willing and suitable member of the opposite sex, and by making promises enforceable by law (that is until “no-fault” divorce became the norm). One must obtain a license to marry, often presenting evidence they are free of certain communicable diseases. Marriage is an institution designed to perpetuate the human family. The sexual aspect is important in marriage, but sexual attraction by itself is insufficient to qualify as marriage. Like the chemical composition of water, marriage is fixed. You cannot change its composition and still call it marriage. There is no right to marriage, and gay and lesbian sexual arrangements do not constitute marriage.

The failure of the Arizona Religious Freedom Protection bill last week illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of rights vs. privileges in our time. It is also an example of how the homosexual lobby, which has failed to make its own case to Christians and other religious traditionalists, uses the perversion of law and the force of government to further its ends.

I don’t judge an individual by whose genitalia they prefer. I judge people by their efficacy in the workplace, their decency— the content of their character. I don’t care about what people do in their sex lives. I makes no difference in how I regard a personal acquaintance or colleague. It’s not my business to know and it’s not my job to advocate for a certain sexual proclivity. Nor is it the role of government to carve out favors and exceptions, and create special status to normalize homosexuality, or to attempt to make it equivalent to marriage as designed and sanctioned by God.

“In the latter sense, a man has a property in his opinions and the free communication of them. He has a property of peculiar value in his religious opinions, and in the profession and practice dictated by them. He has a property very dear to him in the safety and liberty of his person. He has an equal property in the free use of his faculties and free choice of the objects on which to employ them. In a word, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.” ~Madison, Federalist Papers Chapter 16

In order for government to impose the normalization of homosexuality on those who believe in the supremacy of God’s Word, it must do so with force, infringing upon individual’s rights to the property of their faith and actions; turning those who oppose homosexuality on religious grounds into servants of the very thing they find morally repugnant. By employing the force of government in the courts, administrative agencies, and legislation, to crush the freedom of Christians, Orthodox Jews, and other scriptural traditionalists who wish to think, worship, and act according to the dictates of their own consciences, the homosexual movement has created for itself a human shield of individuals, battered by Political Correctness and false shame, who must comply with its wishes, or risk losing everything.

It is not an attack on anyone when those of use who believe in the unchanging Word of God witness that He ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman as the proper structure for rearing children, and the optimum institution for human progress and increase. The Christian/Traditionalist defense of the Word of God, nuclear Family, God-sanctioned Marriage, and all timeless moral principles, is an attack on no one. But in twisting civil law and perverting the definition of rights, the homosexual lobby and its Leftist masters will punish dissenters as a thought criminals, robbing them of their rights, and making them examples of the fearsome power of the government to destroy those who disagree.

By the same token, it is not discrimination for a business to turn away a customer on the grounds they don’t want to provide a product or service they find morally disagreeable. There is no right to a service or a product from a specified business. In the free market we should be free to choose with whom we do business. Customers cannot lay claim upon the skills and property of an unwilling business without fundamentally offending the rights of the business owner. The Arizona Religious Freedom Protection bill did not pave the way for open discrimination against homosexuals, but sought to discourage discrimination against those business owners who, as a matter of conscience, wish not to participate in a transaction that furthers something they find immoral.

I challenge the LGBTQ community to make its own case outside of the courts, without the force of government, through persuasion, by presenting evidence that homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgender-ism, “questioning or queer,” are in and of themselves virtues that deserve a place in civil society aside the timeless institution of marriage. I challenge those who want to equate homosexual pairings with marriage to bring forth a reality-based, logical argument that will withstand all rhetorical questioning, to show religious Americans why these things are good for the rearing of children and how they will perpetuate happiness.

MAKE YOUR CASE! Make your case the same way Believers do, by persuasion and love unfeigned, one person at a time. God Himself was so offended by theocracy that He inspired a nation to be brought forth where no single religion ruled, but rather a secular law. The First Amendment bars the establishment of a state religion. Has homosexuality effectively become a state religion, where non-believers are punished and coerced by threats, fines, and imprisonment, to convert?

The case for civil rights was made, and eventually a vast and irresistible majority of Americans were persuaded, that all men and women are created equal regardless of skin color, nationality, dialect,  faith, or station. Here is a truth that is self-evident; that each life has intrinsic value, and sovereignty–the right to be free and to access all blessings offered by the condition of being free. The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable, and based upon Natural Law.

No matter how much public shaming or name calling, fines or imprisonment is brought to bear on those who live their lives and run their businesses according to the dictates of conscience, no one can conquer the Christian world, and no one one can alter the composition of marriage to suit individual tastes. I urge the LGBTQ community to turn away from group identity and mob think. Be individuals, bring your own cases before the public. IF YOUR LIFESTYLES ARE VIRTUOUS, LET THEM SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, AS DO THE REST OF US, Christian and non-Christian alike. If the LGBTQ community cannot make its own case, and must force others to conform against their will, the result with be an increasingly militarized government which targets its own citizens as enemies of the state.

by Marjorie Haun 6/9/15

My Cat is a Dog, and other assaults on Objective Reality

June 7, 2015


What happens when a species-confused cat and an emotionally abused parakeet attend group therapy with the world’s most famous fire-breathing Capitalist, psychotherapist chicken?

Hold on to your butts and see!

Setting: The office of the famous carbohydrate industrialist-turned psychotherapist, Dr. Little Red Hen

Characters: Dr. Little Red Hen, Pinky the cat, Squirts the parakeet

Dr. Hen ushers the patients into her comfortable and stylishly-appointed office.

Dr. Little Red Hen: Welcome, welcome. Have a seat. There’s Kleenexes on the table there, and the toilet is down the hall. Don’t ask for snacks or water. I’m not your momma.

Pinky the Cat: (in a forced baritone voice) Thank you ma’am. (charges at the parakeet) Woof, woof!

Squirts the Parakeet: Aaaauuuuggh! (defecates violently in the doorway of the office)

DLRH: What the hell? (points a wing at Pinky the Cat) You sit the hell down. (turns to Squirts) You, go get some towels and clean up this mess. Holy s***!

StP: Oh, Dr. Hen, I’m so sorry, but whenever I get stressed, my sphincter dilates, and, well, this happens.

DLRH: Well, Squirts, you know I’m not a medical doctor, correct, and this looks like a medical issue to me.

StP: Yes, I do. But I believe my sphincter is loose due to years of emotional abuse from my family.

DLRH: Okay, okay. Just clean up the mess, and we’ll talk. And you! (turns to the cat), what the hell do you think you’re doing, barking at the parakeet?

PtC: Well, Dr. Hen, in my trans-species process from a cat to a dog, there are a few things I would like to hash out with you.

DLRH: God, help me. Have you been reading Vanity Fair?

PtC: Why yes, how did you know? (the parakeet returns)

DLRH: Okay, let’s get started. First, suicide check. Does anyone here want to harm themselves or others?

PtC: Of course not. I’m exuberant over my realization that I’m a dog living in a cat’s body.

StP: Well, Dr. Hen, I would like to peck the eyes out of this little boy who comes by my cage everyday, stares at me, and screams “BOO!” just to watch me freak out.

DLRH: Not to worry, Squirts, given the chance, I’d peck out the little bastard’s eyes too.

StP: And…sometimes, Dr. Hen, I would like to escape, you know. But I realize that if I leave my cage to live in the treetops that I will soon become lunch for a crow or a falcon. I’m realistic that way. But sometimes I think that would be better than the emotional horror I live with everyday.

PtC: Emotional horror? EMOTIONAL HORROR!!! You have no idea, you pathetic bird! I have lived my entire life as a dog in a cat’s body. You talk about emotional horror. (Squirts begins to sob)

DLRH: Look me in the eye, cat. My office has rules. No outbursts are allowed. I’m in charge here.

PtC: Dr. Hen, all I’m trying to say is that the emotional horror I have endured is inescapable as well, as long, that is…as I live as a cat. You see, from the time I was a kitten, I felt I was a dog. I liked to hang with the dogs. I played with dog chew toys. I secretly dressed up in doggie outfits. I mean, what cat likes to be dressed up at all?

DLRH: Hmm…you’ve got a point there. You are an UNUSUAL cat.

PtC: I’m not a cat. I’M NOT A CAT! That’s the point!

StP: Ahem…

PtC: Butt out bird, this is about my pain. (Squirts the parakeet sobs even louder)

DLRH: Shut up cat. One more outburst and I will force your sphincter to accommodate my designer boot. Okay, Squirts, tell me what you’re feeling right now.

StP: Well, Dr. Hen, I don’t feel loved. Sometimes I think my family just keeps me around as a decoration. When I try to chirp or sing, they yell at me. When I cling to the bars of my cage and bob up and down, trying to get someone’s attention, they throw stuff at me, stuff like beer cans and cigarette butts.

DLRH: Oh my goodness, you poor thing!

StP: I’ve tried to endure it all with dignity, you know, be a good parakeet, the best parakeet I can be…

PtC: Endure? ENDURE!!! You have no idea what it means to endure! Look at me! Look at this abomination. (points to his body) What do you see?

StP: A…white kitty?

DLRH: (under her breath) A prancing asshole?

PtC: You see a cat, right? Well, inside, I’m a dog. I’ve always been a dog. I’m not a little white kitty. I’m a St. Bernard! But nobody believes me when I tell them. Nobody understands. They’re all haters. This…THIS is suffering!

DLRH: (addressed Squirts the parakeet) You have suffered because of the insensitivity–cruelty really–of others, correct?

StP: Yes, ma’am, I have. I’ve tried to be tough, you know. But my little heart is so broken. I really just want someone to love me, and listen to my songs without screaming at me, or throwing crap at my cage.

DLRH: And you cat, you say you suffer because you’re a dog living in a cat’s body?

PtC: Absolutely! There are thousands…MILLIONS like me, who were born into the wrong body, the wrong sex, the wrong species!!!

DLRH: But cats purr, and you purr.

PtC: That’s a low growl. And look at this, I drool. Dogs drool!

DLRH: That’s not drool, you idiot. You just hacked up a furball on my Basari rug! Buugaaawk!

PtC: And I’m attracted to other dogs! You can’t deny my same-species attraction! Love defines everything!

StP: Whaaaaat?

PtC: That’s right. I’m a dog, a majestic St. Bernard. And I’m in love with this fine Miniature Doberman Pincer, Champ is his name.

StP: But pinky, you’re a tomcat.

PtC: No I’m not. I keep telling you, I’m NOT A CAT! I’m a magnificent female St. Bernard. Why do you hate me? All I want is to be recognized as the dog I really am. All I want is for my love of Champ to be accepted.

StP: I’m a little confused. So you’re a female dog living in a male cat’s body, who loves a male dog?

PtC: Well, not exactly. Champ, the Miniature Doberman Pincer, looks like a goat on the outside. See, Champ, like me, was born into the wrong body. Poor thing, he was born in the body of a nanny goat. And when sweet, sweet Champ the minpin tells people that he’s NOT a nanny goat, nobody will believe him! All we want is to be married, like normal dogs!

DLRH: (making notes) So, cat…you little, white, tomcat, you’re saying that you’re a female St. Bernard living in a male cat’s body who wants to marry a male miniature Doberman living in a female goat’s body. Doesn’t that make you an interspecies, transgendered, heterosexual homosexual?

PtC: Yes, YES! Now you see.

DLRH: But you’re a tomcat and Champ is a nanny goat, so, although you love each other and live together,  you can’t be married.

PtC: You’re a filthy bigot!

DLRH: And, if you’re of the same sex, you can’t be married because God instituted marriage as the union of one man and one woman for the perpetuation and happiness of the species.

PtC: You homophobe!

DLRH: AND…you’re a cat, you’re not a dog. The objective, immutable reality is that you are a cat, down to your DNA you are a cat. No amount of “feeling” or “longing” or “wishing” will make you a dog. No matter how many dupes play your insane game and pretend that you are a dog because you sooo, sooooo want to be a dog, you ARE NOT a dog, and will NEVER BE a dog.

PtC: (wails) Haters! Haters, all! This is intolerable!

DRLH: Uh, hu. You know what’s intolerable, cat? I’ll tell you. People–animals–like you who are so confused, so unhappy and in denial, that they hate their own reality and try to alter it through the kinds of social engineering contortions you are now displaying. You know what else is intolerable? All the grown-ups who play pretend that something is real when it’s not, who pretend marriage is something it’s not, who pretend a man can be a woman or a woman can be a man, or a cat can be a dog. That’s intolerable. And I’m frankly sick of idiots like you who try to force people like me, and Squirts here, to play your stupid game. And when we don’t buy into your pathetic, phony, psychological construct, you call us haters, and bigots and homophobes. Well guess what, CAT, you little white, pathetic tomcat, I’m not playing pretend with you.

PtC: Huuuuu?

DLRH: When you’re willing to deal with the truth–and stop this game of trying to alter the reality of who you are, and what your true identity is–then I will take you as a patient. Only when you are honest about what makes you unhappy and confused, will I take you as a patient. I’m done with you for now. You can use the litter box down the hall. Oh, and for starters, here’s a prescription for 100 mg of Catnip per day. Take it faithfully. It will calm you down, help you accept your true catness. Now get your little, white tomcat ass out of my office. (Pinky the cat pouts and whines momentarily, then leaves the room)

PtC: (under his breath) Hatersssss

DLRH: So, Squirts the parakeet, what’s next for you?

StP: Well, Dr. Hen. My life truly is intolerable. But the sad reality is that I have no freedom in that cage. I can try to be a good, kind bird, but my options are limited. I was thinking that if I could be an iguana in a cage, maybe life would be easier. Iguanas, you see, and reptiles in general, aren’t terribly self-aware, so they aren’t as subject to emotional abuse and cruelty since they don’t really have emotions. I’ve often thought…if I could only be an iguana in my cage, I would be happy.

DLRH: Go on…you’re doing great.

StP: But a parakeet becoming an iguana? That would just be playing pretend. It wouldn’t be real. And it might feel good for a day or two to pretend that I’m an emotionless iguana, sitting in my cage, not feeling the abuse and neglect and insults and terror, but, in the end, my sad reality would be the same, and I would have only delayed finding a true solution to my problems.

DLRH: Good bird. Have you crapped yourself since the idiot cat barked at you?

StP: Well…no, I haven’t, as a matter of fact.

DLRH: So, your dilated sphincter is not a problem when you feel safe, loved?

StP: Seems so.

DLRH: I’ll tell you what, I could use a little help around the house. Do you cook?

StP: (perks up, fluffs out his chest feathers) Oh yes! I make excellent soups and stews. I really love comfort food.

DLRH: Good. I have a spare room, complete with cable and a private bath. If you cook for me and keep your sphincter tight, you can live here.

StP: (Begins to weep) Really?

DLRH: Yes, really.

StP: For reals?

DLRH: For reals. You can live with me Squirts, and that’s not pretend.

By Marjorie Haun  6/7/15

Old Sarge: The Day Freedom Slammed into Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

June 6, 2015

Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as ‘Old Sarge,’ is an author, historian, Vietnam veteran, and dear friend. This is his contribution to, commemorating D-Day, 71 years ago.



Many historians call it the most pivotal and most important battle in the history of the human race. Today, we observe the anniversary of D-Day, the sixth of June, 1944, when the fate of the free world hung in the balance, as about 180,000 Americans, British, Canadians, and Free French slammed themselves against Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and the most disciplined and ruthless army in history.

Some of you have heard the story I am about to tell, so if you’re bored, by all means go read the postings of others. But I am always moved to share my memories of a priceless documentary I watched on television on June 6, 1964, twenty years after the D-Day landings.

The world was quite different then than what we see now. The nation was still mourning the loss of a president from the demented actions of a failed Marxist, and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident had not yet turned our very young lives upside down. Before you jump in, I am asking the conspiracy buffs out there to please keep your assertions to yourself, for that is not the direction of my particular thoughts this day.

The documentary I am referring to was a black and white presentation, with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower walking on Omaha Beach with Walter Cronkite. Keep in mind that this was four years before Cronkite would be the first well-known American to surrender in Vietnam.

President Eisenhower, who was commander of Allied forces in World War II in Europe (as most of you know), talked forcefully and enthusiastically about that day twenty years before, and it made me feel like the battle had just happened. But the main thing I remember is how he explained how the forces on Omaha Beach were pinned down by some of the greatest firepower encountered by an attacking force in the history of warfare. Eisenhower then went on to explain how it was the sergeants, corporals, low-ranking officers and individual privates and privates first-class who got others up off the ground and moving up the incredibly steep and fire-swept heights. These heights would cost one American life for every foot advanced.

The thing that stands out in my mind is that President Eisenhower took no credit for his own constructive leadership, nor for the intricate staff planning prior to the invasion. All credit and glory was for the guys with the boots on the ground on the invasion beaches that incredible day. A thinking person is forced to compare the narcissistic and self-indulgent president we have now, as well as Bill Clinton before him, who makes all public and political events about himself, with the help of the media. One would think in retrospect that Obama led the attack on Osama bin Ladin’s hideout personally, all things considered.

There are more than twenty sets of twins, more that thirty father and son pairs, and more than fifty pairs of brothers buried in the Normandy cemeteries. Others who had been poets, writers, and specialists in their fields lay there as well, a beautiful place for their remains to spend eternity. Brothers and sisters, please don’t let their sacrifices be forgotten, I beg you! It doesn’t take much thought to remember all of the things their courage and valor bought for us and the future.

May the Prince of Peace be with all of you all the days of your lives, my brothers and sisters, and may He help settle troubled hearts and heal those of you who are sick or injured.

Shalom to our Jewish brothers and sisters! –

The Sarge

Reposted with permission of the author on  6/6/15

**Eds Note: Graphic Content** American and German soldiers who paid for the invasion of France with their lives lie on the French ground covered with sheets, awaiting burial on June 12, 1944. (AP Photo/Pool/Acme, Brandt)

(AP Photo/Pool/Acme, Brandt)

Soros-funded group smears American Lands pointman

June 6, 2015

As originally published on Idaho Reporter

Anatomy of an attack: Left-wing front group launches assault on land transfer advocate

Ken Ivory took fire from a group funded, in part, by George Soros. By Ron Catlett and Dustin HurstIt’s high political drama in America’s West and it’s peppered with high-dollar deception.

As the Campaign for Accountability, an offshoot of a Washington, D.C., union and environmental radical attack group, wages an assault on a Utah lawmaker, a deeper look at the organization reveals stunning deception.

The innocuously named Campaign Accountability, operating out of New York and D.C., filed three complaints — in Montana, Utah and Arizona — against Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory, a Republican, and his American Lands Council, claiming fraud of taxpayers.

The group didn’t pull punches in its press release. “Rep. Ivory is a snake oil salesman, cloaked with respectability by his position as a legislator,” said the group’s leader Anne Weismann.

The group, formed just five months ago, alleges Ivory is filling his pockets with taxpayer cash while pushing federal land transfer to Western states, which CfA believes unconstitutional.

Ivory’s American Land Council is partially funded through contributions from local governments. ALC’s tax records show he and his wife, who works there too, brought in about $115,000 in 2013, about 50 percent of the group’s budget.

Ivory leads a movement seeking that the federal government gives up some of its hold on Western lands and transfer management or ownership to the states. ALC contends states can manage lands more efficiently and maintain access for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

A deeper look, ignored by the Salt Lake Tribune and myriad other media sources, reveals a more complex — and partisan — tale.

Instead of serving the public as an authentic nonprofit watchdog outfit, CfA serves as a partisan attack dog, attached to a leash held by environmental extremists, unions and other left-wing causes.

The staff rosters of CfA and its parent company, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, show a team of well-trained and hyper-connected D.C. insiders.

Take Nick Hackworth, for example. He’s part of the leadership team and for good reason: he has a sterling resume for his post. During President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election fight, he served as the president’s opposition research director.

He now runs a left-wing consulting firm, M Street Solutions, also based in D.C.

Another leadership team member, Robin Brand, has been a long time Democratic Party activist. She served as an executive for Campaigns for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and the associated Victory Institute. She is now president of RMB Strategies, another left-wing political consulting firm in D.C.

Even the public relations firm retained by CfA has an impressive resume of left-wing partners. FitzGibbon Media works with the environmental radicals, the big labor foot soldiers at the AFL-CIO and the gun-grabbers at Everytown, among many others.

Their money flows from the usual sources. A right-wing site dedicated to exposing CREW revealed the left-wing group received at least $250,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros in 2008, plus more from Democracy Alliance, a progressive coordinator in the nonprofit world.

The Tides Foundation, Soros’ pet project, gave CREW $425,000 in 2014.

To read the entire article, click here!

Reposted by  6/6/15

Why Progressive Radicals want to Ban “Conversion Therapy”

June 3, 2015

It is possible, however, that the true driving-force behind bans on Conversion Therapy, is that the “born that way” lie is threatened as individuals abdicate former homosexual lifestyles, and abandon that which radical progressives insist, is a fixed and immutable homosexual identity.

There’s a part of me that has great pity for the radicals on the progressive Left. They spend all their time trying to deconstruct the essential institutions of marriage, family, education, religion, etc., with the goal of recreating them in their own nihilistic image. But like Sisyphus, their effort is futile. They make a little headway, causing societal destruction, broken families, confusion and chaos, but in the long-term, Progressivism never works because truth, reason and reality cannot be deconstructed.


Earlier this month, the Colorado Senate Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee killed a bill that would have made illegal the practice of “Conversion Therapy” by mental health professionals in the State. Similar bans on such therapy have been passed in the progressive states, California and New Jersey. Advocates of such bans, including President Obama, assert that such therapy is harmful and cruel, despite the lack of evidence, other than anecdotal stories, that Conversion Therapy has ever harmed any of its participants.

The Colorado “Ban on Conversion Therapy” bill, introduced by two LGBT Democrats, Representative Paul Rosenthal and Senator Pat Steadman, was sold on the grounds of compassionate acceptance of the “natural” identities of LGBTQ children. There was no consideration given to the facts that sexual identity confusion is not unusual during adolescence, and that there is evidence that many self-identified homosexual children have been victims of early sexual abuse.

“Conversion Therapy” is an inaccurate and somewhat derisive name for the type counseling that individuals beset with homosexual questioning may obtain in a quest to reconcile unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Typically there is no “conversion,” coercion, or other heavy-handed methodology, in this form of therapy. It consists mostly of guided conversations that help an afflicted individual explore his or her authentic goals and aspirations, aligning them with the sexual identity that makes those goals and aspirations possible. The bill in question, HB15-1175, would prohibit all counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals from talking to patients under the age of 18 about the possibility that their same-sex attraction might not be a permanent characteristic, and could be changed through behavior modification and exploration of thoughts and self-conceptions.

The errant premise behind the effort to ban therapies which address distressing feelings of same-sex attraction, is that all homosexuals, lesbians, and transgender people are born that way, and comprise a normal subset within a given population.  Despite the fact that the “born that way” idea is not biologically provable, folks like the Democrats behind HB15-1175 are attempting to remake our entire culture based upon that lie.

Though the bill is an offensive assault on the First Amendment, that’s not the only reason it’s dangerous. If passed, this type of law could trap young people suffering from identity confusion, or the emotional trauma of sexual assault, from obtaining the help they need to lead happy, productive lives.  It is possible, however, that the true driving-force behind bans on Conversion Therapy, is that the “born that way” lie is threatened as individuals abdicate former homosexual lifestyles, and abandon that which radical progressives insist, is a fixed and immutable homosexual identity. On a sinister level, banning Conversion Therapy shores up the homosexual agenda by closing a potential escape hatch for those who want a way out.

Even with politically-correct pseudo science siding with radical homosexuals and progressives, many studies have called into question the “gay gene” theory.  Also, one cannot ignore the studies correlating homosexuality with early sexual abuse. Finally, former homosexuals and lesbians are becoming bolder in speaking out against the lie that homosexuality is a fixed human feature, and cannot be addressed through loving counseling and guidance.

Common sense tells me that the desire to “ban” a form of counseling–which is a ban on a certain form of speech–indicates that someone has something to hide. If radical Progressives and LGBT activists are confident that they are correct in all their dogmatic assertions, why are they so uncomfortable with the free speech of doctors who might help people discover that they were not “born that way” after all?

 by Marjorie Haun  5/3/15

Renewable Power Mandates Headed for Extinction?

June 2, 2015

States Backing Away from Renewable Power Mandates

As published by the Heartland Institute, May 28, 2015


H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. worked at the National Center for Policy Analysis for 18 years, most…(read full bio)

Wind in Oklahoma

In the American Spectator (April 30), Noon notes the public, previously favorable towards renewable energy, is having second thoughts due to reliability problems and soaring energy costs. For instance, an October 2014 report in Oklahoma’s Enid News titled, “Wind worries?: A decade after welcoming wind farms, states reconsider,” said:

A decade ago, states offered wind-energy developers an open-armed embrace, envisioning a bright future for an industry that would offer cheap electricity, new jobs and steady income for large landowners, especially in rural areas with few other economic prospects. To ensure the opportunity didn’t slip away, lawmakers promised little or no regulation and generous tax breaks. But now that wind turbines stand tall across many parts of the nation’s windy heartland, some leaders in Oklahoma and other states fear their efforts succeeded too well, attracting an industry that gobbles up huge subsidies, draws frequent complaints and uses its powerful lobby to resist any reforms.

But it isn’t just wind energy that has fallen from favor, solar power and biofuels mandates and subsidies are also receiving a second look. And it isn’t just Oklahoma reexaming its energy priorities — other states and the federal government are as well.

Renewables fall beyond OK

Nearly one a third of the 29 states and the District of Columbia that enacted renewable energy mandates, sometimes combined with subsidies, are reconsidering their commitment to renewable energy. In Oklahoma alone, approximately 30 bills relating to the wind industry have been filed in the state legislature in the 2015 session, including at least one targeting the tax breaks. On April 16, the Oklahoma house voted, 78-3, to eliminate the wind energy tax credit. The senate is reviewing a companion bill that is expected to pass and be signed by Republican Gov. Mary Fallin.

Ohio was the first state to reconsider its renewable energy mandates. In June 2014, Gov. John Kasich signed legislation that paused the state’s RPS for two years. In early 2015, West Virginia became the first state to repeal its RPS. With unanimous support in the Senate and a 95-4 vote in the House. Following in their footsteps, in March, the Texas senate voted to end its RPS. It is expected to pass the House and be signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

Texas’s termination of the RPS is expected to impact the solar industry as well. Charlie Hemmeline, executive director of the Texas Solar Power Association, states: “Increasing uncertainty for our industry raises the cost of doing business in the state.”

Kansas’s governor worked out a compromise with House and Senate negotiators and the wind industry that would allow the state to end its renewable mandate, in exchange for not imposing a new tax on wind power producers. The wind industry feared the tax would hurt it more than the mandate helps it. North Carolina, and Michigan have legislation that revisits the states’ favorable renewable energy policies while New Mexico and Colorado each had bills to repeal or freeze the RPS passed in one chamber, only to stall, for the moment, in the other.

Taxpayer support for wind energy is also losing momentum in Congress, as evidenced by the fact that in March, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), failed to rally support behind an amendment that would have extended the wind-production tax credit for five-years. As it stands now, the wind-production tax credit lapsed at the end of 2014.

Damage to wind turbine...A wrecked wind turbine on farm land in the village of Conisholme, Lincolnshire. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday January 8,  2009. The mysterious severance of the wind turbine blade may have been caused by a mechanical failure, an expert said today. Local residents reported seeing a bright light on the morning it happened, prompting speculation that a UFO had caused the damage. But Fraser McLachlan, chief executive of GCube, which insures more than 25,000 wind turbines worldwide, said that although it is unusual, this type of incident happens about five or six times a year. See PA story AIR UFO. Photo credit should read: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Ethanol Support Wanes

Ethanol mandates, known as the Renewable Fuel Standard, are also losing their luster. Citing high costs, on January 16, 2015, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) introduced the “Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2015.”

See the rest of the article by clicking here.

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