Utah environmentalist leader coaches kids to kill Trump effigy in shocking video

Matt Pacenza, a New York native who moved to Utah to take up the environmentalist cause, posted a video on Youtube in December of 2015 in which he urges and aids two young children in helping him to kill Donald Trump in effigy. In the video, titled ‘Destroying a Donald Trump Snowman,’ it he appears he and his two young sons constructed a snowman with the image of Donald Trump on its head and subsequently ran it over with his car.

After obvious coaching on his part, Pacenza asks the youngsters, “What have you made here boys?” They answer, “We’ve made a Donald Trump snowman.” And the rest of the video goes this way:

Pacenza: “A Donald Trump snowman? And what do you intend to do with your Donald Trump snowman?”

Older boy: “We want to run it over because we don’t like Donald Trump.”

Pacenza: “And why don’t you like Donald Trump?”

Older Boy: “Because he says mean things about Mexicans, and Syrians and Muslims.”

Pacenza: “How about you Maxie?”

Younger Boy: “I just hate him ’cause he sucks.”

Pacenza: “Okay, move out of the way boys, get up on the porch.”

Then you see a car in which the driver revs the engine then plows over the ‘Donald Trump’ snowman. In the background you hear the boys giggling, and one of them says, “We’ll never find that head.”

The video as posted by Matt Pacenza can be seen below.

The video has also been uploaded to my Youtube channel.

Ironically named Heal Utah, Pacenza’s environmentalist lobbying organization is staffed primarily by folks who came from outside of Utah, and virtually none are from rural Utah or the small resource-based communities which have been harmed by efforts like those of his group. Behind the facade of ‘cleaner air’ and ‘healthier environment,’ Heal Utah has succeeded at nothing other than killing jobs and industry in some of Utah’s most economically hard-hit communities. Heal Utah and its urban operatives have thwarted jobs, revenues and an improved standard of living for thousands of rural Utahans.

The video posted by Pacenza is extremely disturbing. The toxic hatred that would drive someone to coach young children to despise, and kill–even in effigy–someone whom they simply don’t like, is far more deadly than any environmental boogeymen that New Yorker, Matt Pacenza, has ever confronted in Utah.





  1. Noah miterko

    It is actually HEAL Utah, with HEAL serving as an acronym for Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah. We believe all people, even internet trolls, deserve clean air, healthy communities, and a thriving economy. Since you’re familiar with the website, feel free to learn more about the issues and our work.

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